Month: August 2018

Morgan Hall houses new service team

After an overwhelming amount of applications, the Year of Service Cottage Program decided to extend their program to Year of Services Teams.

Berry to transition from Vikingweb to Canvas

Currently, Berry is in the transition from Jenzabar’s eLearning platform, more commonly known as VikingWeb, to a new program entitled Canvas.

Viking Fusion revamps, launches new website

Over the summer, Viking Fusion adviser Steven Hames and the Viking Fusion staff worked to design a more user-friendly website for the Berry community.

Freshman course pushes for Title IX awareness

With recent national crises among colleges regarding sexual misconduct, many universities, Berry included, are pushing for more awareness on Title IX policies.

Our View: Put your money where you mouth is

The Catholic Church, year after year, has found itself in hot water after allegations of sexual assault continue to come out.

Do your part: shop secondhand

On any given day, an estimated 2/3 of my outfit is comprised of items I got from Goodwill.

A brief history of wishes

Every time I lose an eyelash, see a shooting star or catch the clock at 11:11, I take a brief moment to reflect, and I make a wish.

Finding your “callings”

Author Dave Isay will deliver the 2018 Conson Wilson Lecture on September 6 in the Cage Center Arena at 7:30 p.m.

Chill out with Broad Street scoops

Oh, ice cream. What college student can live without its cool, creamy deliciousness?

New directors step into the spotlight

Dr. Anna Filippo and the Berry College Theatre Department welcomed David Alford and Logan Reagan to Blackstone Hall as they kicked off the new year at Berry.