Berry police alert community of reported sexual assault

Annie Dietz, Campus Carrier Staff Writer

Saturday, Berry students and faculty members received an email concerning a sexual assault report filed on campus. The report had been filed earlier that morning.

Due to the fact that there has been an investigation opened looking into this case, very little specific information is available at this time. However, last weekend’s email seemed to many on campus to be uncharacteristic, as similar alerts have not been received in the past.

The email was sent in accordance with the Clery Act, a federal policy mandating collegiate institutions to publish briefings, like this one, in response to crimes reported.

“In certain situations we are mandated by law to let let the campus community know what’s going on and we just felt like in this situation, that email should go out,” Assistant Vice President for Campus Security Gary Will said.

Furthermore, Will and Police Chief Jonathan Baggett want to assure students that there is no current threat to safety. In the email, Will listed information concerning Berry’s Title IX information and officers, as well as external sexual assault resources.

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