Cultural Events Committee changes system

Kelsee Brady, Campus Carrier Staff Writer

Over the summer, changes were implemented in the Cultural Events (CE) credit system. When a Berry student attends a CE credit, the student‘s ID card must be swiped to count him present for the event. Now, students must again swipe their ID when exiting the event to receive credit.

Alice Bristow, chair of the Cultural Events committee, explained why these changes were put into place.

“It has always been expected that students stay for the entire event,” Bristow said. “Unfortunately, there were students who were taking advantage of the system and walking in one door of a CE event, not staying, and just walking out of another door.”

Bristow said that backed up lines at the David Isay lecture and “Can I Kiss You?” CE events this fall were the result of a technical malfunction.

“(After) those two events, we realized that we need more ushers and an app that works,” Bristow said. “Both of those nights the app crashed. So students were having to hand type in numbers, then email those separately.”

Since those events, Bristow said she has plans to decrease traffic and increase efficiency.

“Looking back, I know some people left other exits so we probably could have eliminated some of that crowd going through those main doors if we maybe had them exit out side doors or down through the lower level,” she said.

Bristow also offered advice for students who are struggling with the crowds at the end of the events.

“If the crowds make students feel uncomfortable, especially when leaving, staying back for a minutes until the crowd clears would be a good answer until we figure out a faster way,” Bristow said.

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