Find ways to get involved on campus

Josh Mabry, Campus Carrier Asst. Sports Editor

Students participating in activities and organizations outside of the classroom is a key part of the college experience. Involvement gives students a sense of belonging and should not be overlooked . Extracurricular activities and involvement in organizations tend to be the part of college that students remember the most.

There are plenty of ways for students to be involved on campus at Berry.

One of the easiest ways to be involved is by attending Berry sporting events. The volleyball, cross country, football and soccer seasons are all going on right now.

Sports like baseball, softball and lacrosse will play in the spring semester, which gives students plenty of opportunities to go watch their favorite sports and cheer on Berry’s teams both semesters.

Going to any of these games and cheering on fellow classmates shows dedication and support for our college. Plus, it means so much to the athletes, who work very hard every day, to have their fellow students support them.

Another good way for students to be involved on campus is by joining a student organization or club.

There are endless organizations and clubs to choose from ranging from news organizations, like the Campus Carrier and Viking Fusion, to academic clubs, such as the Biology Club, to religious clubs, like the Baptist Campus Ministries.

It has been proven by several studies that students that participate in extracurricular activities are overall better students.

One study completed by Educational Research and Reviews studied about 250 students at King Abdulaziz University, an all-girl college in Saudi Arabia. The study found that students participating in extracurricular activities had an overall higher GPA.

This is interesting because the hypothesis for this study said that there was no effect of participating in activities outside of the class. The hypothesis was proven wrong.

Students that participate in extracurriculars make better grades and have higher GPAs than students who do not participate in activities because these students have learned how to manage their time better.

Attending events and campus traditions are other great ways for students to get involved.

KCAB and other student organizations put on several events, like Trivia Night, Casino Night and a semiformal, throughout the year that are exciting and a great, easy way to be involved on campus.

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