Spread love – write more letters

Kendall Aronson, Campus Carrier Social Media Director

In the digital age, a written letter is even more powerful. With Valentine’s Day approaching and a new semester just beginning, now is a great time to remind your friends and family of how much they mean to you.

Receiving mail is fun and exciting. Sure, sending a text is easy, and a heartfelt call is often appreciated, but sending a letter is one of the easiest ways to give someone a physical thing that they can get excited about, hold on to and remember for years to come.

Letters are special. I have two shoe boxes full of letters I’ve received. Texts are common, but receiving a letter from someone who cares is always exciting. Giving your parents something in the mailbox other than junk mail or saving someone from the disappointment of an empty P.O. Box is definitely worth a little extra effort.

It’s also a great way to stay connected with people you don’t see every day. I frequently exchange letters with friends from home who don’t go to Berry, and during the summer I send letters to my friends from Berry to remind them I’m still thinking of them, even as we all do our own things.

Sending letters is also really cheap, and Berry offers a lot of ways to help. Berry’s Chaplain’s office on the third floor of Krannert offers free cards and envelopes to students. The POD in Viking Court also has cards for the current season, and you can use your Flex Bucks to buy them. The post office on campus also sells stamps. If you’re sending warm thoughts to someone on campus, the post office will put your letter into any Berry P.O. Box for free or you can hand deliver the letter to their dorm room or person.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, there are still ways to send people happy mail. There’s a company called Punkpost that will hand-write letters for you, and your first card is totally free. They have loads of different cards to choose from (for literally any occasion) and will even draw adorable doodles to go with your words at your request. They’ll also add confetti so the recipient can be covered in joy.

Writing letters is also a great way to destress and let yourself be creative. Personally, I love to adorn mine with lots of stickers, but it’s also fun to try and letter things in a pretty way and practice calligraphy-esque writing styles. Drawing, stenciling and doodling are great ways to make your letter more exciting in other ways.

Sending a letter is easy and heartfelt. It is a great way to brighten a day and spread love to people in your life, as well as stay connected with those you care about.

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