Spring intramurals open with many options for competition

Miranda Smith, Campus Carrier Sports Editor

Claire Voltarel, Campus Carrier Managing Editor

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Sports Medicine Assistant Athletic Trainer Kat Duncanson shoots a free throw after a foul in the women’s competitive basketball intramural league games. Photos by Andrea Hill | Campus Carrier

This spring, the Berry Intramural Sports Program will continue offering organized recreational sports within the community, with a variety of team and individual sports available to students, faculty and staff alike.

This month, the schedule starts off with indoor volleyball, dodgeball and 5v5 basketball. February offers indoor soccer, and March includes softball, ultimate Frisbee and tennis. Intramurals rounds out their semester in April, with disc golf as their final activity.

Intramural Sports Director Daniel Wardlaw said he has participated in almost every offered intramural on campus.

“What makes these sports so fun is that it provides an atmosphere for people of all athletic abilities to go out and have fun with their friends in a competitive environment,” Wardlaw said.

Wardlaw became involved his freshmen year when he was placed in the intramural department as a referee for his on-campus job and has remained in this role since then. He said that intramurals attracted him to join as an opportunity to meet new people while still being active by either playing sports they already enjoy or trying something new.

“I had never played basketball before coming to Berry, and it is now one of my favorite sports to play,” senior Dominic Miller said. “There are separate leagues, A and B, that make it easy to play either for fun or more competitive.”

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Senior Morgan Grace looks to pass to a teammate.

Other intramural options are offered in the fall as well, such as flag football, sand volleyball, basketball, soccer, archery tag and pickleball. In November, there is even an Esports tournament offered as an intramural. Throughout both semesters, there are over 15 different intramurals in which the Berry community can participate in.

Miller has competed in almost every intramural offered, including: 3v3 and 5v5 basketball, 4v4 and 7v7 flag football, softball, indoor and outdoor volleyball, dodgeball, indoor and outdoor soccer, ultimate frisbee and tennis. Miller encouraged others to join and try it out, no matter their skill level or past experience.

The intramural schedule and information regarding registration is posted for anyone wanting to join or learn more. The sports come and go as the seasonal varsity sports do, so there’s always options to play or watch.

Wardlaw recommends joining as soon as possible to get in on the fun. Anyone interested can sign up at IMLeague.com or through the IMLeague app. Members can see all sports offered throughout the semester, sign up as free agent or make a team with friends. Any questions regarding intramurals can be emailed to recreation@berry.edu.

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