Month: February 2019

Pitch Competition awards student businesses thousands of dollars

On Feb. 8, the entrepreneurial program’s Pitch Competition hosted its five finalists who pitched their business ideas to a panel of four judges.

The importance of recruitment at the collegiate level

Recruiting at the collegiate level is often seen as a coach’s responsibility.

Runs in the Family

C.J. Stone is the fastest man in Mount Berry. He’s got the school records to prove it.
Once upon a time, though, his mom Danette was among the fastest women in the entire world. She’s got the Olympic medals to prove it.

Washington adjusting to role as Director of Student Diversity Initiatives

Along with planning cross-cultural workshops, Chon’tel Washington has played a major role in coordinating two new student organizations

League of Morons Episode 10: The Berry Spires

The Morons discuss the Berry Spires as well as their college experience.

Braves baseball in Rome for at least seven more years

The Atlanta Braves and Floyd County officials met on Feb. 7 to approve a five-year lease extension for the Rome Braves.

Our View: Consider the economic motives of Valentine’s Day

If you ask any realist their thoughts on Valentine’s Day, you might be met with an opinion on the greeting card and candy companies being in alliance to market and sell a packaged, sticker-priced idea of love that we all willingly buy into.

“Happily ever after” isn’t just for kids

The illustrious C.S. Lewis dedicated the second book of his “Chronicles of Narnia” series, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, to his goddaughter Lucy Barfield.

College education is worth the cost

As tuition increases at a crippling rate across the country, questions about the value of a bachelor’s degree arise.

Berry students and professors help Rome’s E.C.O. Center educate the community about local wildlife

The Rome-Floyd E.C.O. Center was originally opened in 1893 as a freshwater pumping station for the city of Rome.