Month: March 2019

Trying Our Best | Painting Challenge

In this episode, hosts Beth Anne DeKeizer and Katie Ott have 15 seconds to paint an object, event, or mood for the other to guess what it is.

2019 Viking Fusion vs. Campus Carrier Bracket Challenge

Joshua Mabry, Sports Editor at the Campus Carrier, and Noah Syverson, News Producer at Viking Fusion, break down their brackets. Both are competing for their respective Berry student media outlets! Whose sports desk will reign supreme?

Men’s Lacrosse Emerges from Tough Stretch Battle-Tested

The Berry men’s lacrosse team sees their gauntlet of tough non-conference opponents as a stepping stone towards a championship-caliber season

Lumina offers itself as both study space and premium coffee provider

Sitting just 2.1 miles away, Lumina Coffee House is growing popular among Berry students due to its proximity to campus and its study-friendly environment

Local bakery owner competes on Food Network show

Kevin Dillmon, the owner of Honeymoon Bakery, will compete on Food Network’s “Spring Baking Championship.”

Viking Fusion networking event to feature professional panelists

On March 21, Viking Fusion will host a networking event called “Evening at the Moon”.

Equestrian conquers regionals in postseason starter

Berry College’s equestrian team ranked first in Western and second in hunt seat for this past season.

Student athletes deserve your respect

There are some people who believe that because someone is a student athlete, they might not be as smart as other students.

Writing Center partners with inmates through exchange program

Berry College’s Writing Center recently joined the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program to provide writing consultants for the prisoners participating.

Berry Investment Group & Investing as a College student

Elisabeth Martin, Campus Carrier Features Editor Jamison Guice, Campus Carrier Asst. Features Editor Tips for Investing Read as much as you can. Reading good investing books and articles will help you decide what routes to […]