Bubble Banter: Unpaid Internships

It depends on whether or not the “employer” has the funds to support a paid intern or not.
Natalie Bailey, junior

I think unpaid internships are helpful, but I don’t think they should be expected because they can put some people at a disadvantage. Not everyone has the financial means or support to be able to give up their time for an unpaid job.
Rachel Summa, junior

NO! Where is the motivation to work hard if you are not compensated for long hours?
Savannah Sterling, senior

Unpaid internships can be valuable experiences, but you have to scrutinize their legitimacy just like any other job offering. Sometimes they are incredible opportunities with a small or non-profit business who can’t afford a competitively paid intern, and other times a company just wants free labor. Be mindful of your expected responsibilities and the company’s culture during the interviewing process because they might allude to it. Berry’s Career Center filters all our job postings to avoid the false positions and prevent our students from that situation.
Abby Mayne, junior

We should be paid at least $8-9. They discriminate against students in the lower class.
Giuliana Fernandez, senior

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