The Complete Campus-Wide Bucket List

Jamison Guice, Campus Carrier Features Editor

Kelsee Brady, Campus Carrier Asst. Features Editor

As a new student, everyone is telling you to hike to the Reservoir, a place that every student has visited at least three times. While the Res is certainly a must-see, here is a list of lesser-known sites and activities that are available on the Berry College campus.

Get chased by a swan or goose at Swan Lake on Mountain Campus.
Admire Swan Lake from a distance when the swans or geese are swimming.

Visit the Possum Trot Church, built originally in1850, and find the small log cabin behind the church.
The gate to the church closes at 6 p.m. so, if you drive, be sure to leave before the gate closes or you will have to call the campus police to get out.

Hike to the Old Mill.
Like the Possum Trot Church, the Old Mill is guarded by a gate that closes at 6 p.m., so be aware when driving to the location.

Hike to the plane crash site on Lavender.
From the Res, the hike is about six miles total. Since it does not appear on the Berry College trailhead map, you may want to find an upperclassman who can navigate the hike.

Go on a trail ride with a Gunby Equine Center horse on Mountain Campus.
The trails are different from the hiking trails, so they give the rider a new way to explore the campus; however, the trail rides are timed.

Participate in the Grand March during Mountain Day and hold a stranger’s hand.
Follow the dress code: underclassman boys and senior girls wear blue. Underclassman girls wear pink and senior boys wear white. These colors are reminiscent of the original Berry school uniforms.
Another tradition is “Pennies for Martha,” where each student drops a certain number of pennies based on their age in a basket at the bottom of the mountain. All funds go toward the Save A Student Scholarship.

Pet an emotional support animal.
The Memorial Library often has emotional support animals which include a dog and a rat in the Academic Success Center. However, always ask first, and be sure not to confuse service animals or service animals in training, which cannot be petted while working.

Get lost in McAllister.
If you find yourself lost while trying to find a certain class or professor’s office, remember that the building is laid out with a U-shaped floor plan.

Attend at least one Late Night a semester. Late Nights are parties thrown by the residence hall areas from 11 p.m. – 1 a.m. on weekends throughout the year.
Each Late Night has a different theme, such as glow-in-the-dark or the Roaring ‘20s, so make sure to dress accordingly!

Attend Marthapalooza and ride the Ferris wheel.
This fun event happens on the first weekend of October in Clara Bowl along with Mountain Day festivities.

Play a round of disc golf located near the Ford Complex. Because of the location, it is called “The Log Cabin Course.”
A disc golf score-card with locations of the holes can be accessed online at the Outdoor Recreation page on the Berry College website or through Outdoor Recreation.
There are other disc golf courses that can be found on Mountain Campus at WinShape.
For an untraditional route, Dana Course is a game where the object is to aim for trees or light posts rather than disc golf goals.

Hammock in as many places as possible and enjoy the Berry scenery.
Some great spots include the trees in front of McAllister, the ENO posts near Clara and the grassy area between the McAllister parking lot and the townhouses. Hammocks can be rented from the Outdoor Recreation.

Have fun and enjoy all that Berry has to offer. With a 27,000-acre campus, the possibilities are endless. With that in mind, remember to stay safe and to preserve the natural history that is visited. Be respectful of the nature and buildings that have been here longer than you have!

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