Month: October 2019

Gen Ed: Halloween Party

Jen throws a Halloween party for everyone in her room. While trying to be the perfect hostess, she also tries her hand at matchmaking. What Jen can’t account for though, is an unexpected party guest who causes tension on this Halloween night.

Legendary musical comedy horror show in Rome A complete guide to surviving the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rome Little Theater hosted a screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Oct. 25 and certainly did not disappoint in providing a comical, rousing and unforgettable experience. 

Volleyball heads into postseason with high rankings

The Berry Vikings volleyball team has wrapped up regular season Southern Athletic Association (SAA) conference play and is optimistic about both the rest of its regular season at the Emory National Invitational and the SAA conference tournament. 

Students for Life holds first interest meeting

Last Tuesday, Berry Students for Life held its first meeting as a new interest group.

“Friday the 13th” series is worth the watch

In order to understand why the Friday the 13th series is as good as it is, it’s important to understand what movies are part of the officially connected story and what really isn’t. 

Rome Young Life hosts singer Ellie Holcomb

Christian singer/songwriter and Nashville native Ellie Holcomb performed at the Rome City Auditorium on Sunday. 

Halloween costumes should be scary

When it comes to Halloween, people seem to have a few key debates, such as the suitable ages for trick-or-treating or how rude it is to hand out healthy “treats” such as rice cakes or vegetables.

Our View: Private prisons support flawed system

The U.S. has the unfortunate reputation of the highest incarceration rate worldwide.

Flu season begins with new CDC report

“Flu season” is a phrase that has become normal on college campuses.

Men and women’s soccer advance to postseason tournaments

The leaves are starting to change, the temperatures are cooling down, and while Berry is finally experiencing autumn, fall sports are coming to a close.