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Christian singer/songwriter and Nashville native Ellie Holcomb performed at the Rome City Auditorium on Sunday. 

Young Life of Rome and Floyd County hosted Holcomb, who is currently on tour until October 2020 promoting her hit songs from 2014 and 2017 and three new singles that were released in January. 

“I didn’t know her super well before the concert,” Kendall Holan, sophomore Young Life leader, said. “I was listening to her songs all day before the concert because I figured I should know some of them before I went. She was really good and had a really good voice.” 

In the past, Holcomb has performed with singers like Stephen Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, Chris Tomlin and more. She even started her music career by touring with her husband’s band, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. After eight years, and with the birth of their daughter, Emmylou, Holcomb opted to step out of the role of heavy touring. 

During her break, Holcomb focused on being a mother and started to pursue a solo career. In 2011 she released her single “Magnolia,” which continued to hit the top of the Billboard charts. Eventually she released a full album, “As Sure as the Sun,” in 2014. 

Holcomb and her husband continue to open their hearts to the thousands of kids at Young Life camps across the nation and build a trust with them through their music. 

“Her husband has been involved with Young Life since he was in high school and his parents were a part of Young Life too,” Holan said. “He talks about how Young Life is how he found Jesus.” 

According to her website, in reference to her newest album “Red Sea Road,” Holcomb said that loss, disappointment and fear of the unknown have marked her journey of grappling with and believing in God’s faithfulness. Music is how she continues to strengthen her own relationship with God and help others do the same. 

Tickets to meet the singer were $225, but a few Young Life leaders were able to meet her after the show. 

“A lot of the leaders got to meet her because we went backstage to clean up afterwards,” Holan said. “It was really cool and she was super nice.” 

The singer is returning to Georgia in November to perform at Victory Christian Center in Ellijay and in January, will perform at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta. 

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