Month: October 2019

Football recovers after loss, ready for final games

Berry’s football team bounced back from its first defeat with a win against Rhodes College on Saturday. With a week off before its final two games of the regular season, the team will now look to use that renewed momentum to finish strong. 

The League of Morons Season 2 Episode 7: A New Start

The Morons discuss the new way they will be conducting their podcasts as well as a response to the concerns brought up to them recently.

Berry Jazz Ensemble ventures into off campus venues

On Monday October 21, Broad Street got jazzed up by the Berry College Jazz Ensemble and Jacksonville State University’s two jazz bands, along with Half-Baked Tofu, another Berry student band.

Calling All Spirits: The Chilling Stories of Campus Ghosts

The Green Lady, a common ghost story on campus, has allegedly haunted the campus for decades.

Halloween events send shivers down students’ spines

Over the years, student organizations on campus have developed events for students and the public around Halloween.

The Walk-On Diaries Podcast Show: Episode 9

John and Noah recap Kawhi’s Laugh’s 4-1 start, talk about Bathrobe Tuesdays, reflect on NBA Week One, power rank fall holidays, and do 1v1 Basketball Battles of History!

Who’s to Say Anything About Course Registration?

This week, Shelby Sims and Noah Beck talk about the absolute chaos that is course registration and advising week and give advice about how to get through it.

Trying Our Best | Last Minute Halloween Costumes

In this episode hosts, Katie Ott and Shelby Sims, give you ideas for a last-minute Halloween costume that you can find hidden in your closet.

The Walk-On Diaries Podcast Show: Episode 8

John and Noah sit down in the studio to discuss their intramural 3v3 team’s chances of earning a ring, rank the 3v3 league’s names, reminisce on the best TV shows from childhood, preview and predict the upcoming NBA season, and talk through 1v1 Basketball Battles of History (Despicable Me’s “Gru” vs. The Karate Kid’s “Mr. Miyagi”)

Who’s to Say Anything About Academics?

Hosts Shelby Sims and Noah Beck talk about academics and mental health with the two Freshman Matt Parks and Alyssa Freyman.