Programming issues change registration times

Annie Deitz, Campus Carrier deputy news editor

This week, Berry students began course registration for the spring. Starting this semester, students were supposed to be able to register using an updated program on VikingWeb. However, that has since changed. On Tuesday night, students received an email from Penny Evans-Plants, chief information officer, stating that online registration would be turned off for those scheduled to register at 6 and 7 p.m due to systemic issues. Another email from Evans-Plants assured students that they would not lose their opportunity to register, and students with fewer credit hours would not be able to register before them. 

“When online registration begins again tomorrow, we will continue in the same order (not necessarily at the same time),” the email from Evans-Plants said. “No one will lose their ‘place in line!’”

In another email sent later in the evening, Dean of Academic Services David Slade announced that registration had been rescheduled. According to the email, future registration will be using the old registration method. Furthermore, the registration schedule has shifted. All those who were to register Tuesday night instead registered Wednesday night, and general registration was stretched between Wednesday and Thursday.

To explain how to use the old registration method for those who have not used it, Bryce Durbin, registrar, sent an email with instructions to the “Add/Drop” system attached. 

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