Memorial Library to open new Java City entrance

Carlye McKillip, Campus Carrier staff writer

The Berry College Memorial Library is set to open a new entrance in spring 2020. The entrance will be located by Java City and can be used during regular business hours. 

The entrance will open up towards the Thomas Berry and Dana Residence Halls and will be wheelchair accessible. A new glass door with Java City’s logo will replace the existing door. 

Sherre Harrington, director of Memorial Library, is excited to see how the new entrance will impact the library culture. 

“This is something we have been planning for a while now and I am looking forward to seeing how the students react to the changes,” Harrington said. “I think the most exciting part is the new outdoor space that will become available to the students as well as the Java City entrance.” 

The new entrance is part of a bigger project to create an outdoor study space for Berry students. The space will be centered around the tree located right outside of Java City. With the help of SGA and the Dean of Students Office, the library is planning to add lights, picnic tables, and chairs for students to use. 

Jenny Kleine, office manager of Memorial Library, explained that if the outdoor space is successful, further renovations may be needed such as moving the dumpsters and changing the loading site. 

“Further developments regarding the entrance will depend completely on how much the new space is used, “ Kleine said. “If the space is positively received by the students, we may look into relocating the loading dock.” 

Look out for changes and updates in the following weeks. As of now, the new entryway should be completed early on in the spring semester. 

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