AED machines to be installed in buildings around campus

Rachel Hartdegan, Campus Carrier staff writer

In early fall of this year, Berry installed various Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) devices in the Ladd Center, the Alumni Center and on the first and second floors of Krannert. 

The AED device installation was suggested in a meeting between the Berry police department and the director of student activities, Cecily Crow. Chief of Police Jonathan Baggett suggested that these devices be installed in more buildings on campus for the safety of the community. He told Crow that the AED devices in campus police vehicles were paid for by SGA through their special project program years ago and he suggested bringing the idea to them. 

Crow brought the suggestion of AED installation to SGA as a special project they could take on. AEDs had been a topic of special projects before when the one in Krannert needed to be replaced. SGA at the time was seeking out ideas for special projects so they took on the installation of these emergency devices. 

As Crow explained, the installation of these devices helps to further student growth. 

“Part of our charge as a campus is personal and professional development,” Crow said. “We are trying to teach students to think about how you take care of your community and provide a great experience for those visiting your community.” 

AED devices are portable automated external defibrillators that can diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmia. These devices are not required in any public buildings, but Crow stated the importance of these devices because of the amount of visitors Berry brings in. Staff in each of the areas where AEDs were installed are trained and versed in first aid. 

“It’s in four really good locations where there is a lot of activity,” Crow said. 

These devices were installed with overall wellbeing in mind. Dean of Students Lindsay Taylor explained that students may not see the effect, but they are there if needed. 

“It was a mindful thing for students. There is a safety element that we can provide if a situation happens,” Taylor said. 

SGA paid for these devices from their special projects fund. The special projects fund is an amount of money SGA uses to take on projects that will support the students. The speical projects committee discusses possible projects that can impact the Berry community and they look into the impact these projects will have on student life at Berry. 

“[SGA] receives an allocation every year from the student activities fee to make some improvement on campus,” Crow said. 

Over the years, special projects have contributed to different facilities around campus. One year the funds went toward the basketball court by Dana and another year the funds were put towards paddle boards and kayaks through recreation. SGA takes on a special project every year and they are always taking suggestions. They utilize funds left over after a special project is complete, allowing funding to roll over to the next year. According to Crow, suggestions for special projects come from student concerns or needs. 

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