Tool library to be added to library services

Michaela Lumpert, Campus Carrier news editor

Memorial Library, in conjunction with Students Against Violating the Earth (S.A.V.E.) are working to create a section in the library for students to check out and borrow tools. The tool library will be available for students to check out tools, sewing kits, hot glue guns and other various household tools. 

Senior Margaret Iva Ashton has been working with the library to create the tool library. She started this project as a way to begin expanding library services for students. 

“It’s just expanding the library services in a way,” Ashton said. “I think it’s really important to expand the concept of the library because libraries are no longer just books.” 

They are expecting the tool library to be on the main floor of the library, toward the front lobby. As both Ashton and the library staff continue to plan for the tool library, updated information will be sent to the students regarding the exact location of the tool library, its official name and how checking out the tools will work. 

Checking out the tools will be similar to checking out books. Ashton explained that right now, they are expecting the tools to have a longer checkout time than electronics. She expects the checkouts to last as long as a week, maybe more. 

“We talked about how long we wanted people to be able to check things out, and it will have about a week-long checkout, so that people have time to get the tool and figure out how to use the tool,” Ashton said. 

Along with the addition of the tool library, Ashton explains that she is planning to start partnering with other organizations on campus to start workshops educating students on how to use the tools and sewing kits.

The idea for the library came as Ashton continued research on ways to expand sustainability communities on campus. She explained that other college and communities around the country have tool libraries, and she figured that Berry could have a smaller version of one. 

“Basically a lot of areas have this, and I thought we could probably do this on a smaller scale at Berry,” Ashton said. 

With the addition of the tool library, Ashton hopes this idea will continue to expand library services to students in the future. 

“I think it will be really cool for students to see and use the tool box as an extension of the library and I think it will start to get people thinking about the importance of making resources accessible to the community,” Ashton said. “I hope that it creates a community and a culture of sharing, more so than what we currently have.” 

Right now, the library is accepting donations for the tool library until the end of the semester. They are looking for any household tool items, specifically hot glue guns, hammers, wrenches, pliers, tweezers, measuring tools and anything associated with sewing. 

For a full list of specific tools they need, be on the lookout for a list sent in an email to campus. They will continue to collect donations, and expect for it to open this spring. 

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