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“Ford v Ferrari” is a fantastic dramatic biography that takes place in 1966. This movie is definitely worthy of an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. The movie is about the true story of The Ford Motor Company taking on Ferrari in the 24 of Le Mans, a 24-hour endurance race where the goal is to cover the most distance possible. It is one of the oldest and most dangerous races in the world. In order to do this, Ford enlists the help of Carrol Shelby, played by Matt Damon. 

Shelby was an American motorsport hero and car designer who won Le Mans for Aston Martin in 1959. 

Shelby, with the help of racing driver Ken Miles, played by Christian Bale, creates one of the greatest American cars ever built, the Ford GT40. The movie does a great job turning this incredible real-life story into a movie. 

Matt Damon and Christian Bale do a great job playing both Miles and Shelby. Damon perfectly replicates Shelby’s southern personality and temper. 

Bale also fantastically replicates Miles’ aggressive British nature. Miles generally has a rash and aggressive personality throughout the movie, but it still makes him a likeable protagonist. 

Even to people who haven’t heard the story before or aren’t into cars, it’s still a very enjoyable movie. Though the movie overall has a serious and dramatic tone throughout, it still has a variety of funny moments. 

Additionally, the film showcases the Miles family: Ken, his wife Mollie and his son Peter. Their family struggles throughout the film, but the relationship between Miles and Peter, who loves to be involved in his dad’s work, creates a likable character relationship. 

Shelby is not really a mentor character to Miles, but is rather a friend helping him, which is another interesting character relationship in film. 

The movie’s antagonist, Enzo Ferrari, played by Remo Girone, is portrayed very well and Girone replicate Ferrari’s real-life snobby and strict mannerisms. 

“Ford v Ferrari” also shines a spotlight on people who were involved in the original story in some manner but ended up becoming very famous in motorsports. One example is Bruce McLaren, who was a driver on Ford’s team. The movie leaves subtle hints to his successful future. 

“Ford v Ferrari” is a fantastic drama movie for anyone who is interested in cars or enjoys a good thrill.

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