There’s a book out there for everyone

Mary Grace von Thron, Campus Carrier deputy news editor

Anyone that has ever spent a large amount of time around me has probably heard me mention my two older brothers especially my oldest brother, Jimmy. (Sorry Joe, you’ll have your moment) Jimmy and I share many similar traits, such as our outgoing personalities and our very loud voices. However, when it comes to interests and hobbies, Jimmy and I could not be less similar. Jimmy is very into high intensity, sporty hobbies such as teaching spin class and playing baseball, while I tend to enjoy calmer hobbies such as going to museums and reading. Jimmy often (lovingly) teases me for my love of books and learning, as reading is something he does not enjoy. However, whenever he brings up my so-called boring hobby, I remind him that there is a book for every single person out there. 

Don’t believe me? Let’s see. Do you have a favorite athlete? An actress maybe? Have they published a memoir? Check it out! You will be amazed at how quickly you can read a book that truly captivates your interest. 

Maybe you don’t necessarily have a favorite actress or athlete. I understand. Let’s try something else. Name your favorite television show. A favorite movie, maybe. Do you not think there is a retrospective book written about that show or movie that chronicles its origin story and behind the scenes information that you really would only learn about by reading this book? Well if you consider your favorite show to be The Office, Friends, or Saturday Night Live, I can guarantee there is a book about all of them. If you don’t believe me, look it up for yourselves. 

Still don’t think there is a book out there for you? Give me one last shot, there are some crazy books out there. With a visit to, or better yet, a trip to your local independent bookstore, you can easily find books that are light on the serious matters, and heavy on the humor. 

Maybe you need some guidance. A little self help. Oh boy, are there books for that. 

But books are not merely just for you to solely learn something. Books can be used both to entertain and to educate, and sometimes do a little bit of both. Books can transport us to certain place in time in various locations. We can learn so much from simply just picking up a book and reading it. 

There are an infinite amount of books waiting to be read in libraries, in bookstores, or in Amazon warehouses. Do a little research and find the book that best suits you!

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