Month: October 2020

Overnight storms cause tree damage across campus

Last night, storm warnings were issued for Atlanta and North Georgia as Tropical Storm Zeta hit the northern part of the state.

Berry begins construction of Marriott Fairfield

This last week, Berry began construction of a Fairfield Inn & Suites.

Georgia Senate nominees, Ossoff and Perdue, prepare for election

Georgia residents will be voting to elect a member of the United States Senate on Nov 3rd.

Berry student starts independent podcast about national sports news

After being sent home following the closure of campus last semester, Steven Hudson, sophomore, and his friend Camden Wooden, a high school senior, began a sports podcast, titled “Real Talk with Steven and Cam.”

Berry students deserve more than one day off in a semester.

Last week, the President’s Office announced the official schedule for spring semester.

Construction of new businesses continues at East Bend

Developers are continuing construction at the East Bend shopping center near downtown Rome.

Berry football excited to compete again next semester

In the midst of a semester filled with challenges, the football team is looking to the future with hope.

Different virus, different masks: 100 years later, Halloween is still haunted by pandemic

Similar to the virus that causes COVID-19, the 1918 Spanish flu rocked the United States as it swept over the country.

Our View: Election day should be a school holiday

On Nov. 3, Americans across the country will exercise their right to vote by going to the polls and participating in the 59th presidential election.

Injured doe roams Berry’s campus

Berry’s population of nearly 1,500 deer are often visible on campus, but one injured doe has led to multiple calls to Berry PD over concerns for the animal’s wellbeing.