Month: November 2020

The 2020 Freshman Experience: Events

Freshman year is a pivotal time in the lives of college students, but this transition looks different in 2020 due to COVID-19. In the second installment of our series on the Freshman Experience, we take a look at how COVID-conscious event programming has changed the experience for first year college students.

Volleyball find positives amidst turbulent semester

As with every other varsity sport, volleyball has had to face multiple challenges in a semester filled with unknowns.

Our View: Appreciate alumni efforts in areas across campus

After giving their blood, sweat and tears for their undergraduate degree, countless numbers of Berry alumni decide to contribute even more.

Horror movies send shivers down my spine

Alana George, Campus Carrier copy editor I love a good movie night. Popping popcorn, making warm drinks, gathering with friends and bonding over a great film is a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening. […]

“The West Wing” is the best political drama

With finals quickly approaching and stress levels growing, it’s good to have a comfort show to fall back on.

Pandemic causes changes to annual holiday events

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to drastic changes in virtually all aspects of everyday life.

Tis’ the season for internships and resume building

With a longer winter break than most, this holiday season brings along more opportunities than previous ones.

Recent Berry alumni reflect on post-grad life during COVID-19

After having their senior year cut short due to the pandemic, many recent Berry graduates have had to readjust their post-graduate plans.

President Briggs addresses student concerns at town hall meeting

President Steve Briggs spoke to the Berry community Tuesday night at the SGA’s town hall meeting.