Month: December 2020

Being an RA During COVID

The job of a Residence Assistant at Berry College took on new importance in the fall of 2020.

Residence life in 2020

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, Residence Life had to rearrange housing in an unusual way this year to properly accommodate all students.

Hybrid classes

Berry College underwent a major shift in pedagogical format in the spring of 2020, in response to COVID-19.

BCTC’s Tartuffe

The Berry College Theater Company streamed their first filmed production, Molière’s Tartuffe, to comply with COVID-19 adjustments over Mountain Day Weekend.

COVID Impacts Music Students

Berry Wind Ensemble adapts to COVID restrictions.

Exploring the monuments of Rome

Reporters Grace Snell and Madi Rowe make note of the many monuments around the city of Rome.