Month: June 2021

Type Tour Of Berry College

The typography on Berry’s campus helps to tell it’s story.

Berry students make movies with industry pros

A first-person perspective on the sets of four short films

My Epiphany on Gender Inequity

Doing something about how female athletes are treated

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team

Players reflect on their participation with the women’s team.

Making the most of COVID

Freshmen students reflect on the impact COVID had on their first year at Berry.

History of the Rome Clock Tower

Historians detail the past of the historic landmark.

Challenging the defaults

White, able-bodied, heterosexual male as unchallenged ‘norm’

Cage Center And Stress

Students find ways to relieve stress in the Cage Center during finals week.

Finding faith and recovery through hunting and fishing

Tucker Rhodes details how his love of hunting and fishing helped with his faith and substance abuse.

Transcending race in athletic endeavor

To be Black in sports is to have to overcome stereotype.