Month: September 2021

Berry reinstates football into Mountain Day tradition

Almost 60 years before Berry’s football team began, Mountain Day featured an annual football game.

Berry alumni return to compete in annual softball game

The alumni game has been a Mountain Day tradition ever since alumni graduated from the softball program after the inaugural 2010 season.

Mountain Day commemorates Martha Berry’s birthday

Mountain Day has been a long-standing Berry tradition for more than a century.

KCAB celebrates 50th anniversary this mountain day

KCAB’s 50th anniversary reunion reception will be held this Mountain Day Weekend, on Sat., in the Krannert Ballroom from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.

Celebrating President Brigg’s 15 years of presidency

Since 2006, Berry has undergone vast changes in several aspects, including social life, diversity inclusion, infrastructure, sports affiliations and vast renovations. All of these achievements were initiated and completed under the authority of Berry’s President Steve Briggs.

Our View: Don’t romanticize true crime cases 

Over the past few weeks several people have taken to social media such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, to express their thoughts and theories on the disappearance of 22 year- old Gabby Petito.

Milka is an underrated chocolate candy 

In 1901, the distinct, tasty chocolate treat of Milka was first sold in Switzerland.

Don’t believe everything that social media says 

Social media is something that nearly everyone in the modern world uses, whether directly or indirectly.

Haley Smith hired as new SDI director

On Sept. 20, Dean of Students Lindsey Taylor announced via email that Haley Smith, director of the Gate Scholarship program, would become the new Student Diversity Initiatives (SDI) director effective Oct. 1.

Freshmen provide community service throughout year 

This year, the First-Year Service Day will take place on different weekends throughout the semester rather than on one day in the beginning.