Month: October 2021

Student leaders say Mountain Day protests sparked change at Berry

Last fall, Berry students hosted a variety of Black Lives Matter protests, the most notable occurring over Mountain Day weekend. This month, Viking Fusion followed up with student participants to see what differences they have seen on campus since.

Berry continues to look for new faculty and staff 

Presently, Berry College has 11 open faculty positions and 18 open staff positions.

Our View: Be patient during supply change issues 

Right now, America is dealing with a massive labor shortage, significant supply chain issues and an increased cost of daily living.

Paranormal beings are real and very scary 

I grew up seeing shadow people. I know, it sounds crazy. Slightly unhinged. But it’s the truth.

Bad movies are arguably better than good ones 

Ask anyone what they like to do in their free time, and they’ll probably tell you they like to watch movies.

New pickleball club fosters community for Berry students 

Pickleball currently holds the title for the fastest growing sport in America, according The Economist.

Creeps close to home: Berry’s frightening ghost stories

It’s no secret that Berry is home to quite a few spine-chilling ghost stories. Over the years, students and staff alike have experienced things they cannot quite explain in dorms, halls or even on Mountain Campus.

Justus Edwards to release “Tackling Trials” book in 2022 

Justus Edwards plans on releasing a book, titled “Tackling Trials,” that is grounded in his own faith and details his journey to recovery from a spinal injury. 

Emotional wisdom workshops help students cope

With half of the semester complete, it is normal for students to be feeling the pressure of their classes now more than ever.