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On Oct. 26, the Berry Center for Integrity in Leadership (BCIL) hosted former Popeyes CEO, Cheryl Bacheldor, for a lecture and Cultural Events credit. Bacheldor talked about her experiences as an executive and how her philosophy of servant leadership influenced her business.

BCIL is an organization on campus that aims to help students who want to grow in their leadership capabilities. The group offers classes and mentor programs, and also hosts the Cecil B. Wright III Integrity in Leadership Lecture Series. The series aims to bring in people who exemplify leadership and actively lead a life of integrity. According to Associate Provost and Dean of Academic Services David Slade, the series launched in November of 2016 as a celebration of making BCIL public. BCIL strives to find people who align with Berry’s values and beliefs.

“It’s a moment as a community where we can say, ‘hey leadership matters to us, and not just any kind of leadership, but leadership that cares about doing it with integrity,’” Slade said.

Bachelders previously worked at Yum Brands, Domino’s Pizza, RJR Nabisco, The Gillette Company and the Procter & Gamble Company. In her lecture, Bachleder discussed how everyone has the ability to influence others. She also talked about how servant leadership helped her in her business practices. Servant leadership differs from traditional leadership due to it focusing on sharing power and the well-being of people and communities. Slade hopes that students can use her lecture to create a pathway to helping their leadership abilities. 

“When we think about leadership we feel like it is something reserved for people with certain titles and positions,” said Slade. “How can you align your own personal sense of purpose with those opportunities you have to influence? If students can connect those two, there’s all sorts of things that could happen.”

BCIL reached out to Bacheldor after several recommendations by members of the Berry community as well as business leaders who were familiar with both Bacheldor and Berry.

Bacheldor strives to help students understand how they can apply themselves and their strengths in leadership. By discovering their strengths and weaknesses, students can become better leaders.

“I really hope that the leaders of your generation steward civilization well, and I want to be one of the encouragers to you in that process,” said Bacheldor.

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