Month: December 2021

Costuming at Berry

For the Berry College Theater Department, productions are created from the ground up and costumes are made from scratch in the costume shop.

Swim and Dive team boasts largest team since 2008

The team has had to adjust in various ways to accommodate its size.

Music Department overcomes COVID challenges

Choir and orchestra face challenges while performing due to COVID.

Seth’s Spins: TAYLOR.

You asked for it – the series finale of Seth’s Spins includes an in-depth conversation centered around Taylor Swift, starring Madi Rowe (We talk about other stuff, too). Thank you for listening, everyone.

Berry to host multiple holiday events

Holiday season is already here, and Christmas is approaching. Students are leaving campus to celebrate this season but before finals, Berry is hosting a handful of holiday parties.

Home-cooked meals can be enjoyed dorm style

If you are staying at Berry over the break, or trying to get the holidays started early, here are some ways to cook budget-friendly holiday meals on campus while looking out for your wallet during this period of inflation. 

Celebrating beyond Christmas: winter holidays in different cultures

Arielle Fischer, features editor Hanukkah  Hanukkah is a traditional Jewish celebration that represents faith and freedom. The eight days of Hanukkah are symbolic of the eight days of candlelight the temple was blessed with following […]

Students analyze champion volleyball team 

This season, Berry’s volleyball team went further than any Berry sports team has gone since transitioning to the NCAA.

Your major does not confine you to a career field 

“What are you going to do with that major?” I’m sure you’ve all heard that question before, from parents or friends or friends’ parents.

Don’t burn yourself out trying to do everything 

Well, this is it. My very last piece for the Campus Carrier before I graduate next week. When I decided that I would write the last op-ed of the semester as my swan song to Berry College, I wasn’t really sure what exactly I wanted to say or what point I wanted to get across.