Month: March 2022

CE credit helps students understand the war in Ukraine

Last Wednesday, professors in the history and international affairs departments hosted a Cultural Event aimed at helping students understand the war between Russia and Ukraine. The discussion focused on Ukrainian and Russian history and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s mindset, as well as what some of the causes of the war are in general.

Forensics team breaks records at nationals

Over spring break, the Berry College Forensics Union competed in the Novice Nationals at Butler University in Indianapolis. The competition lasted three days, and competitors were all students in their first year of intercollegiate competition. Berry had nine competitors and placed in multiple parts of the 11 events as well as one of the nontraditional events at the competition.

Carrier, Valkyrie and Fusion sweep awards

This year, Georgia College Press Association (GCPA) announced that the Carrier won 12 awards and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) announced that Valkyrie won six. For CSPA, institutions from across the United States submitted more than 9,000 print news, yearbook, magazines and digital media contest entries. Representatives from Berry took many of the awards.

Pattinson or BATtinson: “The Batman” review 

Matt Reeves’s “The Batman” did not feel like any other superhero film. Instead, the murder mystery plot allowed for audiences to engage with the film in a distinct fashion. Each second revealed answers to who the killer might be, while also revealing the secrets of each character.

Fireside Chat discusses campus climate survey results 

On March 3, Berry hosted a Student Fireside Chat discussing the Study Committee for the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) Campus Climate Survey. Faculty and staff had a separate event on March 2. Students received the survey in April 2021, according to Berry’s Campus Climate Survey webpage.

Don’t let spring allergies blow you away: rating common medications

Arielle Fischer, features editor  José Reyes, asst. features editor  Spring allergies are in full swing. Every year, people suffer from symptoms like a stuffy nose, sore throat or itchy eyes in reaction to pollens and […]

Going underground with outdoor rec

Watch Viking Fusion Assistant News Producer Nolan Scoretz overcome his claustrophobia on a caving trip with Berry’s department of recreation.

Creating a “safe and brave space”

Director of Student Diversity Initiatives Haley Smith shares the vision behind Berry’s new Intercultural Center which hosted its grand opening last week.

Recognize video games as a medium for art 

Art. What does the word make you think of? When people think of art, they might think of historic artists, famous paintings and sculptures. Art can be found in many different avenues and through many different mediums. Video games are one of those mediums. 

Student View: Victory Lake deserves an educational boardwalk 

At one point during its existence, Victory Lake, the site we now know as a mucky wetland with nice trails and interesting Bald Cypress trees, was actually a lake.