Month: June 2022

Berry students arrive in the Emerald Isle, Navigating new city 

After 28 brutal hours of traveling, Berry College communication students finally arrived in Galway on Monday to begin their work as international correspondents.

eSports as Spectacle: Are we chained to the cave wall?

Some do not recognize eSports as sports, because gaming doesn’t seem to require the same level of physical exertion and fitness that most traditional sports do. But, in terms of spectacle, eSports are absolutely legitimate as sports.

Berry introduces new academic scholarship

Berry College launched a new $15,000 academic scholarship that inducts 40 new students yearly into a mentorship program.

Name, Image, Likeness: College athletes crack open the door to compensation

The Supreme Court decided last year that college athletes could sign endorsement deals, trading use of their name, image or likeness (NIL) for money.

Berry Student Enterprises

The Berry College Student Enterprises provides students with a variety of goods and services unique to Berry while gaining hands-on experience.

Berry’s Honors Program

The Berry College Honors Program offers advanced, unique education opportunities for a select group of students.

Berry “Senior” experiences Spring class

Residents of The Spires enjoy many unique opportunities due to their location on a college campus, including auditing classes with students.

De-stigmatizing mental health in college sports

Student-athletes face pressures to perform well for their coaches and teammates, while at the same time juggling studies and pressures to excel in the classroom.