Month: August 2022

Berry students learn multimedia reporting in Ireland

Immersive month-long study abroad experience teaches international journalism.

How one local merchant survived pandemic’s forced solitude

Bertha Kasonde found mental health during lockdowns a challenge

Galway’s commercial sector rebounding after worst of pandemic

Local merchants celebrate community spirit during difficult times

Our View: College majors do not define you as a person or student

Most of the time, students in their senior, junior and even sophomore years of high school get asked the following question: Where are you going to college? Once that is answered, they receive a follow-up: […]

Kids today are worse off without Mr. Rogers

Sam Askew, Campus Carrier managing editor With growing access to technology and the internet, kids today have many different forms of media being thrown at them. From YouTube to Netflix, children, more specifically parents, have […]

Explore Rome, your brand new home

Sam Askew, Campus Carrier managing editor Hanging Out Whether you are looking for a chill, quiet environment or a loud, exciting environment, we have you covered. Rome is known for its many places to kick […]

Berry relaxes 2022 COVID-19 precautions

As the country prepared to return to school, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) relaxed their guidelines for unvaccinated Americans, shortened the period of isolation for Americans who were exposed to COVID-19 and no longer recommends testing in public schools.

Young adult, children section installed in library

An update to Memorial Library that fell roughly a year behind schedule is finally almost complete.