Congresswoman interview draws controversy

Elizabeth Montiel-Alvarado, Campus Carrier staff writer

Marjorie Taylor Greene was interviewed by Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes on April 2.  Shortly after its release, the video received criticism due to Stahl’s comments and Greene’s replies. 

Since 2021, Greene has been the U.S. representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district. Throughout this time, she has gained popularity because of her extreme views and comments on many national affairs. Due to her approach of addressing certain issues, many have voiced their discontent with some of her responses. 

“It was even a little uncomfortable to watch, just because [she had such different views from myself] and it is scary to a certain degree to see how passionate the people that are running our government are,” Luz Cerda, a political science and Spanish major, said. 

In the interview, Greene was asked about a comment she made stating that all Democrats are pedophiles. Greene then asserts her belief in this statement by saying she believes this because Democrats support sexualizing children and transgender surgeries. Throughout the many viral moments, this was one comment that shocked many people.

Caitlyn Moore, a political science and environmental studies major, said she was surprised by this statement.

“That generalized of a statement, to say that all members of the Democratic party and the president are all pedophiles because she said that they are sexualizing children, I do not think supporting transgender people is sexualizing children in any way at all,” Moore said. 

Greene also acknowledged her involvement in QAnon conversations and conspiracy theories when asked by Stahl. 

“It’s crazy to think that someone who is so highly influenced by conspiracy theories and religion and other things, is so high up in our government and is making all these big decisions,” Cerda said. 

60 Minutes has been known as a non-biased source of media after many years of interviews and successful episodes. But, in this interview, they received criticism as many believed Stahl was biased. 

“I also felt that the conductor of the interview was definitely only highlighting the worse parts. She also shined on her background and family, but her questions were clearly wanting to get a certain reaction out of Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Moore said. 

With many of the questions Stahl asked, Greene would put up a defense and argue through her responses. She even states that she is already used to some questions or attacks. 

There was also a strong reaction and controversy from the public regarding these questions, with each political party feeling differently about them. 

“While I think it was necessary, I think that it increases political polarization because while Democrats would watch that video and definitely feel pretty good about how she was interviewed, I think that Marjorie Taylor Greene’s supporters would debunk the whole interview because of the questions she was asking,” Moore said. 

Aside from the uproar the interview caused, many were left wondering why or how this interview came to be, especially given the strong differences in opinions between the two sides. 

“I assume that she would’ve known what was coming for her and I wonder why she would’ve agreed to sit down and continue filming with the attitude the interviewer had toward her,” Moore said.

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