Make your time meaningful while at Berry

Asa Daniels, Ramifications editor-in-chief

As I reflect on my time at Berry College, I am amazed at how quickly the time passes. Eight semesters ago, I told myself that it would go by fast, that I’d ought to relish in the time I had. Now I realize that such a sentiment has barely any effect. Time does not care how you think of it. 

From the get-go, I knew that the people were going to make all of the difference. I knew I needed to associate with people that I felt a connection to, that allowed me to be myself. This also meant having people who could confront me, make me look inward and really think about what it was I was trying to do and thinking.

Something I had to learn along the way was that college was not just about academics. I found an anchor in my job as a housekeeper in Memorial Library, with my supervisor Maki Reynolds, who has since become a great friend. We still say hello and pass the time of day with each other. 

I found meaning in my job at The Campus Carrier, writing weekly stories on the news, events and people across Berry’s campus. While I enjoyed cranking out long articles (many thanks to the editors for working with me on such massive stories – Cassie, Taylor, and Katelynn), my favorite part of the job was interviewing the people, hearing their stories and how they found missions bigger than themselves.

During my time as volunteer and then editor-in-chief of Ramifications, I found community. I felt a sense of unity with my staff in striving to share the diverse stories that make up the Berry community. We all desire to bring a voice to these narratives and identities, now to be found in-between the lines, in the brushstrokes and colors of photography. I have led this group for two years and I could not be prouder of the work we have done. I would like to thank Kevin Kleine for his role in making this job a true joy.

More recently, I began working as a Peer Wellness Coach (PWC) in the Berry College Counseling Center. I have found everything from my other jobs while working here – an anchor, a meaning to the work I do, and a wonderful community. I could not ask for better mentors or colleagues to work with in my first foray into the counseling profession. I give my thanks to Becca Smith and Carley Price in making me more confident in myself and my future. 

I give thanks to my countless professors, who have instructed with enthusiasm and have given unwavering support to me during my four years here. I do believe I have received a truly unique and meaningful liberal arts degree.

I give thanks as well to my friends, whether I met them at Viking Venture or we’ve only connected in the last month. Y’all have provided comfort and a sense of home I could not live without. Y’all have listened to my troubles and have trusted me enough to hear your own. Likewise, you have stood by me when I have done wrong and offer forgiveness when I cannot forgive myself.

I wish to express that, with the little time you have at Berry, look for an anchor to tether you to reality; seek meaning in life and all of its challenges; find a community that will support and amplify you. And with that, no matter how fast the passage of time, you will leave here satisfied.

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