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The League of Morons Season 2 Episode 3: The New Viking Code

The Morons talk with Dean Lindsey Norman about the new changes to the Viking Code. What’s new and what is expected of residents and Reslife alike. Dean Norman also comments on the Morons questions about what’s next and the recent controversy over the visitation hours.

A history of American Motors Corporation

Historical review of AMC car production, the evolution of the company and its historical significance.

The Walk-On Diaries Podcast Show: Episode 4

Steve joins John and Noah to talk NFL Week 2, college football, 1v1 Basketball Battles of History, how John and Steven nearly won Wimbledon, and much more!

Angel Mason begins first year as Berry College Athletic Director

Learn about Angel Mason’s vision for competitive athletics at Berry as her first year as athletic director is underway.

‘The Best Of Humanity Has Just Come Out’ Berry Student Describes Hong Kong Protests

A Berry College senior provides his personal account of the Hong Kong protests.

Trying Our Best | What’s in My Bag Challenge

In this episode, we meet our new host Shelby Sims! And our hosts, Katie Ott and Shelby, show us what’s in their bags for the first week of school!

The Walk-On Diaries Podcast Show: Episode 3

Noah, John, and John’s brother Nathan sit down in the studio to talk NFL Week 1, college football Week 2, 1v1 Basketball Battles of History, films we’re excited about, and Taco Bell vs. Waffle House for THE late-night spot

The League of Morons Season 2 Episode 2: Visitation Hours, The Berry Hotel, and Exorcisms on Campus

The Morons discuss Visitation Hours, the need of the Berry Hotel, and a forgotten Exorcism on the Winshape campus.

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