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Our View: The pandemic doesn’t belong in fiction 

In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, going to the movies served as a form of escapism for people.

Our View: Be patient during supply change issues 

Right now, America is dealing with a massive labor shortage, significant supply chain issues and an increased cost of daily living.

Our View: Respect culture of mentorship at Berry 

Currently, there are over 10 open positions at Berry for new faculty and staff members.

Our View: You do not have to profit off of your hobbies 

At the beginning of the pandemic, when everyone was stuck at home with quite literally nowhere to go, several people decided to pick up or even develop a new skill.

Our View: Don’t romanticize true crime cases 

Over the past few weeks several people have taken to social media such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, to express their thoughts and theories on the disappearance of 22 year- old Gabby Petito.

Our View: Celebrities are not to be worshipped 

Last Dec., many fans of comedian John Mulaney were heartbroken to learn that he had relapsed on drugs and alcohol after many years of sobriety and checked himself into a rehabilitation facility in an attempt to get sober.

Our View: Adminstration needs to clarify travel expectations 

Every Wednesday, usually around 5:30 p.m., Berry students, faculty and staff receive an email from the Office of the President containing the latest news about COVID-19.

Our View: Combat misinformation by thinking critically

In mid-July, President Biden spoke very bluntly about the threat of misinformation being spread online, saying that social media companies such as Facebook were “killing people.”

Our View: Respect others’ comfort levels during a pandemic

Here we are again. Another school year, another semester impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and not seeing the bottom half of people’s faces. This is obviously incredibly frustrating especially considering for a brief time […]

Our View: Make summer safer by getting your COVID-19 vaccine

Summer is quickly approaching, and just like every other year, students’ minds are beginning to think about vacations and other activities that would not normally require a second thought.