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Our View: Sex education needs to be more comprehensive

In a society constantly confronted with the harsh realities of sexual assault, we need to be more proactive on the matter.

Our View: Pass/fail grading encourages well-rounded education

We’ve all had a class that has seemed so obviously not important to your major, but somehow has affected your GPA the most.

Our View: Ardern serves as an example in leadership

The mass shooting at Christchurch mosque in New Zealand earlier this month led to quick, drastic changes in New Zealand’s gun control.

Our View: ‘Feminism’ is not a dirty word

National Women’s History Month was born of the need to counter the lack of women’s history taught in schools.

Our View: Focus on what is being said not who is saying what

Spike Lee won his first Oscar this past week for “Best Adapted Screenplay” for directing “BlacKKKlansmen.”

Our View: Consider the economic motives of Valentine’s Day

If you ask any realist their thoughts on Valentine’s Day, you might be met with an opinion on the greeting card and candy companies being in alliance to market and sell a packaged, sticker-priced idea of love that we all willingly buy into.

Our View: Trump’s intentions of cooperation are thinly veiled

Last night, President Trump gave his State of the Union address.

Our View: Commemorating Student Press Freedom Day

The Student Press Law Center (SPLC) publicized Jan. 30 as the nationwide, grassroots Student Press Freedom Day.

Our View: Gillette needs to do more than a single advertisement

In our day and age, consumers often wander the aisles of a grocery store concerned with a bit more than the product.