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Our View: Hateful rhetoric can have scary consequences

In late October, more than a dozen Democrats and known critics of President Trump, including two former presidents, were the targets of explosives, mailed to them by a conservative extremist and Trump supporter.

First year student? Consider philosophy

Everyone knows that you go to college to land a dream job, and to land your dream job you need to choose the right major.

Don’t get caught up in holiday greeting debates

The debate concerning “Merry Christmas” versus “Happy Holidays” is a debate that is brewing with the holiday season coming up.

The best things in life come in threes

For most of my life, I’ve been identified as “the triplets.”

Our View: Participate in local elections

In the United States, the pressure of voting seems to solely reside on presidential elections.

Flex Bucks should be more versatile

As a junior, I am on the “Flex Bucks-only” meal plan.

It’s never too early for Christmas music

Society has made it a necessary stance that Christmas music is not allowed to be played publicly until after Thanksgiving.

Find ways to get involved on campus

Students participating in activities and organizations outside of the classroom is a key part of the college experience.

Our View: Millenials should be more active in voting

It seems that the push for voter registration is far stronger than ever before.

Embrace technology for its benefits

Technology has become a part of everyday life.