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Don’t rush your travel plans

Nowadays, scrolling through my Instagram feed feels like a quiz to test my levels of FOMO (fear of missing out), and the results are extremely high.

The importance of tipping your server

During high school, I worked at a bakery in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.

Our View: Lax environmental policies create lasting damage

When it comes to climate change, we often look to the weather to predict what is eventually going to happen, using it as a map of past weather trends to analyze and compare.

Our View: Music industry should address mental health

With the recent tragic passing of Mac Miller, the conversation of drugs in the music industry has continued.

Representation in media matters

Representation, or the way people in society are presented to audiences, is extremely important for groups in society.

The power of introverts in an extroverted world

Alana George, Campus Carrier Asst. Arts & Living Editor Growing up as an only child, I became self-sufficient very quickly. With no siblings to play with, I found games I could play by myself and my […]

Find alternatives to pesticides

In August, the lawsuit facing the major herbicide company, Roundup, wrapped up with a conclusion that the ingredient in the weed killer results in cancerous effects.

Confessions of a commuter

As a first-year transfer student, I have enjoyed my experience at Berry so far.

Our View: Speaking up is worth the risk

Nike’s new ad campaign, featuring famed NFL football player and protestor Colin Kaepernick, has sparked national outrage.

Our View: Don’t be confined by party lines

Arizona senator John McCain died earlier this month. After serving as a US Senator for over 30 years, he has been referred to as “America’s last true Republican”.