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Find alternatives to pesticides

In August, the lawsuit facing the major herbicide company, Roundup, wrapped up with a conclusion that the ingredient in the weed killer results in cancerous effects.

Confessions of a commuter

As a first-year transfer student, I have enjoyed my experience at Berry so far.

Our View: Speaking up is worth the risk

Nike’s new ad campaign, featuring famed NFL football player and protestor Colin Kaepernick, has sparked national outrage.

Our View: Don’t be confined by party lines

Arizona senator John McCain died earlier this month. After serving as a US Senator for over 30 years, he has been referred to as “America’s last true Republican”.

Arguments can be “chummy”

A couple of weeks ago, as I sat with a friend of mine at Swift & Finch, a woman came in with a couple of younger kids that I could only assume to be her children.

American Muslims deserve empathy

Each year on September 11, throughout my childhood and my public education, I spent the day parked in front of a television showing footage of planes crashing into the Twin Towers in New York City.

Our View: Put your money where you mouth is

The Catholic Church, year after year, has found itself in hot water after allegations of sexual assault continue to come out.

Do your part: shop secondhand

On any given day, an estimated 2/3 of my outfit is comprised of items I got from Goodwill.

A brief history of wishes

Every time I lose an eyelash, see a shooting star or catch the clock at 11:11, I take a brief moment to reflect, and I make a wish.

Our View: Religion does not justify the separation of families

This summer, headlines were ablaze with photos, testimonies and accounts of the separation of immigrant parents and children.