Category: League of Morons

The League of Morons Season 2 Episode 6: Visitation Town Hall and President Briggs

The Morons discuss an overview of last week’s town hall, Jack’s op-ed piece in the Campus Carrier, and the fact that President Briggs listens to the podcast!

The League of Morons Season 2 Episode 5: Gun Control and Trump

The Morons discuss the new developments regarding Visitation Hours, as well as a recent survey by the Campus Carrier on gun control and Trump’s recent Twitter activity.

The League of Morons Season 2 Episode 4: Episode Recap and The Impending Trump Impeachment

The Morons recap the last few episodes and add on to their thoughts. After, they talk about the newly announced Trump impeachment process, what it would mean for Trump, the Democratic party, and the 2020 election.

The League of Morons Season 2 Episode 3: The New Viking Code

The Morons talk with Dean Lindsey Norman about the new changes to the Viking Code. What’s new and what is expected of residents and Reslife alike. Dean Norman also comments on the Morons questions about what’s next and the recent controversy over the visitation hours.

The League of Morons Season 2 Episode 2: Visitation Hours, The Berry Hotel, and Exorcisms on Campus

The Morons discuss Visitation Hours, the need of the Berry Hotel, and a forgotten Exorcism on the Winshape campus.

The League of Morons Episode 14: Residence Life, Religion and Nationalism

The Morons discuss religion, it’s spread and its relation to nationalism as well as Berry Residence life and Health and Safety checks.

The League of Morons Episode 15: New Georgia Legislature on Abortion

The Morons discuss the Living Infants Fairness and Equality Act that is a source of controversy in Georgia legal and social circles.

The League of Morons Episode 12: Andrew Yang and AI Technology

  The Morons discuss AI Technology, its impact on the workforce as well as entrepreneur and 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang’s input on what policies should be put in place regarding AI Technology.