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Men’s lacrosse team optimistic about conference season

Conference play for the Berry men’s lacrosse team will start on March 23 against Centre College.

Volleyball team believes fun is important when traveling

When college sports teams travel to other colleges for games, it is typical to see the team go to hotel rooms, practice and compete in games.

Basketball players win SAA awards, break school records

The men’s and women’s basketball teams ended their historic seasons in the Southern Athletic Association (SAA) tournament last weekend.

Rounding Third

In the middle of one final season together, seniors Casey Whitaker and Devin Post are looking to end their baseball careers on a high note. The two have played together since middle school, and the friendship they have formed on the field and in the dugout can be traced back even before that.

Former Berry athletes return to work at the college

Berry is a place that makes such a large impact on people, some feel they never want to leave.

The importance of recruitment at the collegiate level

Recruiting at the collegiate level is often seen as a coach’s responsibility.

Runs in the Family

C.J. Stone is the fastest man in Mount Berry. He’s got the school records to prove it.
Once upon a time, though, his mom Danette was among the fastest women in the entire world. She’s got the Olympic medals to prove it.

Braves baseball in Rome for at least seven more years

The Atlanta Braves and Floyd County officials met on Feb. 7 to approve a five-year lease extension for the Rome Braves.

Music brings game mentality and high energy to athletes

Playing music while working out is a regular scenario for athletes and frequent visitors to the gym.

Sports medicine staff supports athletes on and off the field

A group that is often overlooked in the athletic department is the sports medicine team.