Networking Club to create more connections for students

Sam Nazione, assistant professor of communication, is currently spearheading the inaugural year of the Networking Club on campus.

New coaching staff for men’s basketball

Mitch Cole will serve as head coach for the Vikings, while Trevor Lydic will serve as the assistant coach.

Our View: Don’t be confined by party lines

Arizona senator John McCain died earlier this month. After serving as a US Senator for over 30 years, he has been referred to as “America’s last true Republican”.

Arguments can be “chummy”

A couple of weeks ago, as I sat with a friend of mine at Swift & Finch, a woman came in with a couple of younger kids that I could only assume to be her children.

American Muslims deserve empathy

Each year on September 11, throughout my childhood and my public education, I spent the day parked in front of a television showing footage of planes crashing into the Twin Towers in New York City.

Place as Text: ‘The Spaces of Florence, Italy’

Multimedia journalism students examine city’s public spaces for insights into Florentine culture

Berry Athletics cautions teams to steer clear of “Hook ’em”

By Noah Syverson, Viking Fusion Assistant News Producer A recent email sent out to the Berry Athletics department sought to clarify Vikings teams’ use of the phrase “Hook ‘em Vikes” and the accompanying hand gesture […]

Morgan Hall houses new service team

After an overwhelming amount of applications, the Year of Service Cottage Program decided to extend their program to Year of Services Teams.

Berry to transition from Vikingweb to Canvas

Currently, Berry is in the transition from Jenzabar’s eLearning platform, more commonly known as VikingWeb, to a new program entitled Canvas.

Viking Fusion revamps, launches new website

Over the summer, Viking Fusion adviser Steven Hames and the Viking Fusion staff worked to design a more user-friendly website for the Berry community.