Construction advances across Berry’s campus

On May 18, donors, students and alumni gathered outside the historic Ford Auditorium for an official groundbreaking ceremony.

Berry College bookstore makes buying textbooks easy for students

As summer comes to an end and a new school semester rolls around, the time of year that students’ bank accounts dread is here: the time to buy textbooks.

Our View: Use college to explore and expand your views

Beginning your freshman year of college is the final symbolic cutting of the umbilical cord between you and your parents.

Minor drug recall affects common medication

Over the summer, three medications distributed by the Health and Wellness Center were recalled by Torrent Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The Complete Campus-Wide Bucket List

As a new student, everyone is telling you to hike to the Reservoir, a place that every student has visited at least three times.

Find community outside of your major

When two people meet for the first time in college, there is an unofficial script of questions that they will ask each other.

Berry ultimate frisbee team won regionals, progressed to nationals

The Berry men’s ultimate frisbee team made it to nationals as one of the top 16 teams this past season.


Make the most of the college experience Steve Briggs, College President Berry is a special place. For many of us, Berry feels like home. It’s the kind of place where people are genuinely interested in […]

Self-awareness: don’t overcommit yourself

Berry College offers a lot of opportunities for involvement.

Player turnover not an excuse for men’s soccer

Berry College’s men’s soccer team lost half of its members since the beginning of last season, but they consider the necessary rebuild an opportunity rather than a setback.