All Play and No Work?

How about some work and lots of play?

The beautiful story of Mary Beth Cornwell

Accidents never happen when we expect. They come to us in different ways leaving different effects on our mind, soul and body. For Mary Beth Cornwell, an accident changed her life forever.

Trying Our Best | Try Not to Laugh Challenge

In this episode, hosts Beth Anne DeKeizer and Katie Ott try not to laugh with mouths full of water.

BOLD: both adventure and community

The Berry Outdoor Leadership Development program, or BOLD, is often recognized as an excellent opportunity for getting active on Berry College’s 27,000 acres.

Writers Workshop

Berry College English students host a young writers’ workshop at a local Rome library to promote creative writing within the community.

Moving Past the Stigma of Mental Illness in Sports

Sports media shoulder responsibility to shed the shame

The League of Morons Episode 14: Residence Life, Religion and Nationalism

The Morons discuss religion, it’s spread and its relation to nationalism as well as Berry Residence life and Health and Safety checks.

The League of Morons Episode 15: New Georgia Legislature on Abortion

The Morons discuss the Living Infants Fairness and Equality Act that is a source of controversy in Georgia legal and social circles.

Ultimate Frisbee Success

Berry’s Ultimate Frisbee team, the Noble Savages, recently advanced to the D-III National Championships. Dedication and close relationships between teammates have become the foundation for their recent accomplishments.