Leitch played with USA volleyball team in Brazil over summer

Jordan Leitch was selected to be a part of the USA Division III volleyball team in Brazil over the summer.

Volleyball team looks forward to season after rankings

AVCA includes Berry Volleyball team in the preseason rankings for the first time.

The (Re)Birth of a Piazza: Florence’s Piazza del Carmine at the nexus of past and future

Summer 2018 witnesses the re-opening of a piazza that once stood just outside Florence’s city wall.

Florence’s Jewish community struggles in the face of tourism

Newly installed rabbi emphasizing education to ensure vitality of minority religious community

In Florence’s places of worship, the sacred and the profane often compete

Renaissance city’s reliance on tourism asks cathedrals, synagogues, churches to balance faith and commerce

The Carrier’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Life at Berry College can seem daunting to many new students, but the latest survival guide to navigating the campus is now close at hand! 

Georgia passes hands-free driving law

A new Hands-Free Law went into effect in Georgia on July 1st.