About Us

What is Viking Fusion?

Viking Fusion is a student-run multimedia website that seeks (1) to serve the department of communication courses as a platform for student productions, and (2) to inform and entertain both the Berry student community and the larger public, even beyond Berry College. Content on the site is exclusively authored and produced by Berry College students. The views expressed on Viking Fusion are not necessarily those of Berry College’s Board of Trustees, the administration, or the department of communication.

Although Viking Fusion is operated and managed by students, the Fusion staff is supervised by a professional staff member (advisor) of the Department of Communication (Steven Hames), whose job is to ensure that Viking Fusion content and delivery are professional in every respect.

If there are any concerns regarding content posted to Viking Fusion, viewers are advised to first contact the Executive Director of Viking Fusion [see staff listing]; secondly, contact Steven Hames, the advisor; and, finally, contact Brian Carroll, chair of the Department of Communication.

Viking Fusion operates under a set of guidelines approved by academic administrators at Berry. A Viking Fusion Media Board – consisting of students, faculty, staff, and an outside media professional – is the primary arbiter in matters of dispute. Of course, the president of the college is the “final” arbiter.

Who are the moderators?

The moderators consist of members of the Viking Fusion staff as well as some of the staff from Student Publications. They review each piece that is submitted and place it in the appropriate place or places on the site. They also decide which story or video or photo is the featured piece of media for the front page.

Where can I go to see Campus Carrier Stories?

Right here, under the Carrier tab! The Carrier and Viking Fusion staffs work closely together to bring you the most complete coverage of events and they decide the best medium to tell the story. Sometimes it is best told in a text story, while at other times a slideshow or video works best. It is a combined effort, but this is the new online home for all the Carrier stories.

How can I be a part of what you are doing?

The staff meets in the studio of the Laughlin Building every Thursday at 11:00. We would love to have you join us. The staff is part of Berry’s student work program and we have jobs at all levels. We also rely heavily on volunteers. But even if you can’t make the meetings, you are always welcome to contribute to the site. Please know this is not YouTube or Facebook where you can just post pictures of your friends. However, slideshows of places you have visited overseas, artistic photographs, and poems are all welcome.

Do I have to be a Communication Major to contribute?

Heck NO! We welcome students from all disciplines to contribute their writing, photos, videos and artwork to the site. It is a great place to showcase and publish all your creative work. All you need to do is contact us!