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Gunby Equine Center
undergoing renovations

Renovations to the Gunby Equine Center progress to increase horse and rider safety
in the facilities.

High School Choir Festival Feature

Annual high school choir festival
held at Berry

Learn more about the annual choir festival that featured over 400 high school students.

Creative Technologies students participate
in community partnership

Learn more about HackBerry Labs’ Studio Design course and the technologies students are developing
to benefit the community.

Programming issues change registration times

This week, Berry students began course registration for the spring.

Faculty documentary highlights environmental issues

On Wednesday night, an environmental documentary called “The Natural State of America” was shown at Berry as a cultural event.

Students assist military in Lyme disease research study

For the past two years, Berry has partnered with Fort Campbell military base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky to study different tick species in the area.

LifeWorks creates new student development goals

Recently, Berry’s on-campus work program has undergone some changes, including changing the name to the LifeWorks Program.

Students apply technology course to community issues

Students in the creative technologies Intermediate Design Studio are working with community partners to solve problems using different types of technology.

Students for Life holds first interest meeting

Last Tuesday, Berry Students for Life held its first meeting as a new interest group.

Flu season begins with new CDC report

“Flu season” is a phrase that has become normal on college campuses.