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End of decade brings social, political, environmental change

Read our Winter Break News Wrap up and catch up on the major events that happened while students were away.

Berry community celebrates the life of Ouida Dickey

Ouida Word Dickey, who dedicated over 72 years of her life to serving Berry, died on New Year’s Eve at age 91.

ASC becomes more accessible to all students

Over the winter break, the Academic Success Center (ASC) moved its location from the basement of the Memorial Library into the Sandbox.

Life Of Student Of Color

A look at the experiences of students of color on Berry’s Campus.

Future Spires Resident Preparations

As future residents of The Spires at Berry College prepare for their nearly completed home, they consider their relationship to Berry students.

Origami Club

The origami club at berry college serves as a unique way for students to not only relieve stress, but to form new relationships with peers and professors.

Common Worship

Common Worship is one of the available religious groups on Berry College’s campus that aims to give any student a community to glorify God.

27,000 Acres

Berry has one of the largest contiguous campuses in the world, but how does the Berry community interact with it on a daily basis? New plans are in the works to develop this land in order to increase that interaction.

Building friends through mentorship

A look at the mentorship program at Berry from the perspectives of former freshman and a current mentor.

Textbook Types and Popularity

Online textbooks are becoming more prominent in college courses but literary experts say printed texts are the most effective way to learn.