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Library becomes gathering place for students during COVID

Students looking for a place to study and be with friends find the library an ideal location.

Berry College’s Endowment

Berry College held $900 million for its 2019 endowment, and uses this fund to pay for student scholarships, the school’s main operating budget, faculty salaries, and campus upkeep.

Commuters during COVID

Berry commuters struggle to engage due to COVID restrictions.

Nursing Simulator

Nursing Program faces challenges during COVID

The era of the COVID pandemic has impacted many of the programs here at Berry, but there was special concern with the nursing students who complete their clinical hours with local hospitals.

Berry completes fall semester fighting COVID

Reporter Russell Hendley takes a look back at Berry’s first semester open during the COVID pandemic.

Effectiveness of personal bubbles

Berry students discuss their concerns about personal bubbles.

BCEMS during pandemic

Berry College Elementary and Middle School is continuing to allow student workers from Berry College to work in the school amidst a worldwide pandemic.

Being an RA During COVID

The job of a Residence Assistant at Berry College took on new importance in the fall of 2020.

Residence life in 2020

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, Residence Life had to rearrange housing in an unusual way this year to properly accommodate all students.

Hybrid classes

Berry College underwent a major shift in pedagogical format in the spring of 2020, in response to COVID-19.