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2018-2019 Staff

Cassie LaJeunesse, Editor-in-Chief

Claire Voltarel, Managing Editor

Kendall Aronson, Social Media Director

Andrea Hill, Photo Editor

Caroline Jennings, Assistant Photo Editor

Carson Oakes, Business Manager

Bailey Hanner, Assistant Business Manager

Michaela Lumpert, News Editor

Annie Deitz, Deputy News Editor

Lexikay Stokes, Opinions Editor

Elisabeth Martin, Features Editor

Jamison Guice, Assistant Features Editor

Alex Hodges, Arts and Living Editor

Alana George, Assistant Arts and Living Editor

Josh Mabry, Sports Editor

Miranda Smith, Assistant Sports Editor

Kelsee Brady, Staff Writer

Bri Greyling, Copy Editor

Kaitlan Koehler, Online Editor

Steven Moore, Circulation Director

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