Student Vaccine Motivations

Berry students detail their motivations for getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Musicians

Three Berry musicians detail the love they have for music.

Berry Honors students explore what makes a life ‘good’

Course experience culminates in music, art, literature, poetry, podcasts, and more

Delzer Woodworks

Director of Forensics, Matt Delzer, turns woodworking hobby into a business.

Just Doing Their Jobs?

Hypocrisy in reactions to protests in sports

Equestrian Team continues to thrive despite COVID

Berry’s equestrian team adapts to changes in routine cause by the coronavirus.

Bursting the Bubble: Looking back on the year

Tasha and Orlin look back on the first year of Bursting the Bubble and introduce the new hosts for next year.

Trying Our Best | 5th Grade Graduation

In the season finale, Zoe and Shelby celebrate graduation by doing crafts that 5th graders would do!

Bursting the Bubble: Self-Expression Part II: Personal Style

This special episode features various Berry College students describing their personal style in relation to self-expression. They detail what their styles say about them and why they believe self-expression is essential.

The Artisan in Glass

A look at the work of stained-glass window maker, Chuck Offutt.

Building the Perfect Pole Vaulter

Pole Vaulters bring different experiences to the event.

2020-21 COM 317 Filmmaking PSA’s

PSA’s on the dangers of dating a stranger, Must Ministries and NPR.

2021 Viking Fusion 48 Hour Film Challenge

Genre: Horror
Line of dialogue: “A surprise to be sure but a welcome one.”

Seth’s Spins: The Fleetwood Mac Episode

Seth Chambliss invites Annabelle Norton onto the podcast to discuss Fleetwood Mac, fan culture, and women in music.

COVID-19 cases at Berry: 2020-2021 end of year data

Here, you can find a chart showing how many new cases of COVID-19 were reported among on-campus Berry College residents throughout the 2020-2021 academic year.

Martha’a Mysteries: Death in the Sky Part 3

The mystery finally comes to a close as the plane lands in Seattle.

Gen Ed: New Girl, New Alliance

Bishop is talking to a new girl, but will the rest of the group like her? They meet up with her and her roommate. Rose reaches out to Preston in desperation.

Dearest Alfie

When a group of students discover a mysterious social outcast taking refuge on their campus, they set out to document him and drive him out.

Making the most of COVID

Freshmen students reflect on the impact COVID had on their first year at Berry.

Cage Center And Stress

Students find ways to relieve stress in the Cage Center during finals week.

Emotional Support Animals

Students dealing with mental health problems turn toward animals for support.

BCTC, teaching skills for the future

Students learn skills working with Berry College Theater that will help them in the future.

Interactive Cyber Theater

Berry Theater students performed Berry’s first Interactive Cyber Theater during the spring semester.

Ryan Simmons, Filmmaker

Profile on local filmmaker Ryan Simmons.