Seth’s Spins: Purposefully Forgettable

Seth Chambliss and Will Hulsey talk about the latter’s musical journey, including deep dives into concert-going and Lo-Fi Hip-Hop.

Trying Our Best: Dorm Decor

Shelby and Zoe paint some records and make moodboards for dorm decorations!

Unpopular Critic Wars: Super Mario Brothers

Stephen and his guest, Zander Carver, discuss the 1999 film “Super Mario Brothers.”

Bursting the Bubble: The College Curriculum Bubble

On this episode, Tasha and Orlin discuss the roots of Bursting The Bubble, the college curriculum bubble, and current events that relate to the importance of today’s episode. The guests for this episode are Dr. Jennifer Hoyt and Dr. Kirsten Taylor.

Seth’s Spins: Americana Aficionados

Seth Chambliss and Sam Perry discuss Townes Van Zandt, Tom Waits, and more in this week’s episode.

The Senseless Consensus: Max Von Schmeling

Phillip and Matt talk to Max von Schmeling about aeronautics and Give Him The Boot. Matt learns the dangers of taco addiction, and Viking Fusion raises awareness!

Trying Our Best: Painting Challenge

Hosts Shelby Sims and Zoe Robinson compete to be the best painter.

Seth’s Spins: The Cinematic Experience

Seth Chambliss and Phillip Walker talk about cinematic music, such as The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, and Boston. They also delve into punk music, like Blink-182 and Green Day.

Martha’s Mysteries

Detectives Mia and Drew decide to stop off at an inn before their vacation. But when a murder occurs they realize that they can’t ever escape their jobs.

Seth’s Spins: The Radiohead/Nirvana Episode

Seth Chambliss invites Carlie Little to talk about Radiohead, Nirvana, and more in this week’s episode.

The Senseless Consensus

Phillip and Matt speak with Asa Owens, Berry’s favorite Berry celebrity.

Trying Our Best: What’s in my Bag?

Hosts Shelby Sims and Zoe Robinson share what’s in their COVID-19 bags.

Georgia Senate nominees, Ossoff and Perdue, prepare for election

Georgia residents will be voting to elect a member of the United States Senate on Nov 3rd.

Berry student starts independent podcast about national sports news

After being sent home following the closure of campus last semester, Steven Hudson, sophomore, and his friend Camden Wooden, a high school senior, began a sports podcast, titled “Real Talk with Steven and Cam.”

Berry students deserve more than one day off in a semester.

Last week, the President’s Office announced the official schedule for spring semester.

Construction of new businesses continues at East Bend

Developers are continuing construction at the East Bend shopping center near downtown Rome.

Different virus, different masks: 100 years later, Halloween is still haunted by pandemic

Similar to the virus that causes COVID-19, the 1918 Spanish flu rocked the United States as it swept over the country.

Our View: Election day should be a school holiday

On Nov. 3, Americans across the country will exercise their right to vote by going to the polls and participating in the 59th presidential election.

CPPD creates new scholarship for students

This year, the Center of Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) began a new scholarship program open to upperclassmen.

Music department virtually hosts first concert of the year: Associate music professor, Kris Carlisle, and guest pianist kickoff Faculty Artist Series on Zoom

On Oct. 15, Kris Carlisle, associate professor of music, performed in a piano concert with visiting artist Rachel Chung as part of the Music Department’s ongoing Faculty Artist Series.

Berry to begin testing residence hall sewage waste

Berry will soon be testing for COVID-19 by examining the levels of COVID-19 in sewage wastewater.

When reading, look beyond assigned books

When I was in middle school and high school, I was that kid that would sit at home and read hundreds of pages in a YA, thriller or romance novel daily.