Senseless Consensus- Shelby Newland

Matt and Phillip welcome improv extraordinaire Shelby Newland with eggs, Australia and Hominy.

Bursting the Bubble: Dating at Berry Part One

On this episode Tasha talks to three of her friends: Journey, Noah and Raquel about dating culture at Berry College. They talk about hook up culture, subcultures and the infamous “ring by spring”.

Martha’s Mysteries: Walking Into Trouble: Part Two

Mia and Drew uncover another murder that happened in the inn years before, and more suspects are questioned.

Seth’s Spins: The Beach Boys

For Season 2’s finale, Noah Isherwood joins to discuss The Beach Boys’ legacy.

Trying Our Best: Tie Dying

Shelby and Zoe attempt tie dying both the traditional way, and with bleach.

The Senseless Consensus: Brian Williams

Phillip and Matt interview Brian “Mr. Berry” Williams. Phillip gives legal advice, and famous stuntman Jack Son Hair Ma crashes the show.

Seth’s Spins: Main Character Music

Shelby Sims joins the show for a back-and-forth discussion regarding music that appeals to individual experiences.

Bursting the Bubble: The College Curriculum Bubble

On this episode, Tasha and Orlin discuss the roots of Bursting The Bubble, the college curriculum bubble, and current events that relate to the importance of today’s episode. The guests for this episode are Dr. Jennifer Hoyt and Dr. Kirsten Taylor.

Martha’s Mysteries

Detectives Mia and Drew decide to stop off at an inn before their vacation. But when a murder occurs they realize that they can’t ever escape their jobs.

Berry College’s Endowment

Berry College held $900 million for its 2019 endowment, and uses this fund to pay for student scholarships, the school’s main operating budget, faculty salaries, and campus upkeep.

Berry completes fall semester fighting COVID

Reporter Russell Hendley takes a look back at Berry’s first semester open during the COVID pandemic.

Effectiveness of personal bubbles

Berry students discuss their concerns about personal bubbles.

BCEMS during pandemic

Berry College Elementary and Middle School is continuing to allow student workers from Berry College to work in the school amidst a worldwide pandemic.

Music Department COVID Restrictions

Berry College’s Music Department authorized new procedures and equipment amongst coronavirus concerns during the 2020 fall semester. (Feature photo taken prior to COVID restricitions)

Being an RA During COVID

The job of a Residence Assistant at Berry College took on new importance in the fall of 2020.

Residence life in 2020

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, Residence Life had to rearrange housing in an unusual way this year to properly accommodate all students.

Hybrid classes

Berry College underwent a major shift in pedagogical format in the spring of 2020, in response to COVID-19.