Seth’s Spins: Midwest Music & Underground Tunes

Seth Chambliss invites Brayden Kimbrough to discuss bands such as Built to Spill, Pavement, Modest Mouse, Sunny Day Real Estate and more!

Martha’s Mysteries: Death in the Sky Part 1

Mia and Drew witness the death of a pilot while flying to Seattle. They have to work fast – they must find the murderer before the plane lands!

Bursting the Bubble: Self-Expression: Part I, Hair

Tasha talks to Macilah Taylor and Cydney Maddox about hair. They discuss the infamous “Wash Day” and share their journey towards loving and valuing their natural hair as a part of who they are.

Berry and Floyd Medical partner for campus vaccine distribution

This week, Berry students received free vaccine doses at the Cage center. Berry partnered with Floyd to provide a free first dose of COVID-19 vaccinations for all Berry students and faculty, with second doses coming in the last week of classes. In our most recent news story, we discuss the details and effects of this process with Berry faculty and a Floyd administrator.

Dearest Alfie

When a group of students discover a mysterious social outcast taking refuge on their campus, they set out to document him and drive him out.

Bursting the Bubble: Dating at Berry Wrap Up

Orlin and Tasha are joined by Raquel Luna to wrap-up the series on Dating at Berry. Tasha shares her experience since starting the series and Orlin gives advice on self-love and acceptance, and they both discuss their personal experiences and their current status on dating.

Trying Our Best | DIY Earrings and Vinyl Sweatshirts

In the semester premiere, Zoe and Shelby make their own earrings and iron vinyl onto sweatshirts in this DIY extravaganza!

Gen Ed: Off Hiatus

The gang is back now that Jen is out of self-isolation. The group is split on supporting either Rose or Bishop, but once a secret only Piper and Joel know is revealed, that decision might not be as hard to make. Preston, however, is determined to sabotage another relationship in the group and will say whatever he can to make it happen.

Seth’s Spins: Industrial Hip-Hop

Seth Chambliss is joined by Matt Parks to discuss Daft Punk, MF DOOM, and the burgeoning genre of industrial hip-hop.

The new committee meets in a room at city hall to discuss creating a plaque about the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue.

New committee continues debate over Confederate statue in first meeting

At the end of January, Rome removed a statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest from the base of Myrtle Hill Cemetery. Now, a new Interpretation Advisory Committee is working to create a plaque about the controversial figure.

Students say in-person classes, on-campus living worth added precautions

COVID-19 restrictions have changed the ways students live their lives. First year reporters Annabelle Norton and Madi Rowe dive into how Berry students adapt to these guidelines and how Berry’s campus life is different from many other colleges.

Seth’s Spins: The Do-It-Yourself Episode

Aiden Prince appears on this episode’s podcast, discussing elements of DIY music, field recordings, and more!

Bursting the Bubble: Dating at Berry Part 2

On this episode, Orlin discussed dating at Berry with Evan Perry and Thomas Benton.

Berry Speaks: Black Student Association hosts public speaking event

To celebrate Black History month, the Black Student Association hosted the Berry Speaks event. This event on February 11th gave three students the opportunity to speak on a different topic impacting the Black community.

Seth’s Spins: Deadhead Hour

Seth Chambliss invites the podcast’s graphic design artist, Jack Heerema, to discuss The Grateful Dead and Paul Simon’s Graceland.

Senseless Consensus- Shelby Corinne

Matt and Phillip welcome improv extraordinaire Shelby Corinne with eggs, Australia and Hominy.

Trying Our Best: Tie Dying

Shelby and Zoe attempt tie dying both the traditional way, and with bleach.

Choir concert features multicultural music

On Saturday, multiple Berry choirs will be performing their final concert for the semester.

Four restaurants in Rome for dietary restrictions

Jamison Guice, Campus Carrier features editor Arielle Fischer, Campus Carrier asst. features editor Jamwich  Located in downtown Rome on Broad Street, Jamwich provides a collection of sandwiches, salads and even chilis. According to their online menu, found at […]

The Shrek movies are the best movies ever

The Shrek series have long been my favorite movies of all time.

Women want front pant pockets too

f you’re anything like me, shopping for new clothes is already a hassle in and of itself.

Our View: Female superheroes are not equally represented

Within the Marvel and DC universes, the majority of superheroes are men.

Construction on animal science building nears completion

Construction of the new Animal Science building is nearing completion, ahead of the original May due date.

Berry plans for graduation with COVID-19 guidelines

On May 8, Berry will be holding an in-person Commencement Ceremony for the graduating class of 2021.

Speech and Behavior Committee begins revising Berry Speech Policy, Part Three: Responses, opinions and feedback from members of the Berry community

For the last week and a half, the Carrier has had a running survey asking Berry students and employees to give their feedback on a number of ideas related to freedom of speech, hate speech and speech related policy on campus.

Marcus Flowers vies for Greene’s Congress seat

Unlike in her first election, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who represents Rome and the rest of Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, will face opposition from the Democratic party.

First-Generation College Student Interest Group holds first meeting

On Tuesday, the First-Generation Student Group met for the first time.