Berry student fights back for eligibility to vote

Freshman Amanda Milner is an out of state Berry student who was originally deemed ineligible to vote in the Georgia race. She went through the process of proving her eligibility and ultimately was approved.

Panelists: Critical Race Theory an issue of the First Amendment

Media Law students organize discussion about freedom of expression in classrooms

Testimonies from the Berry Community on Suicide Awareness and Prevention: Part One

Michael Johnson shares his personal experience and work with suicide awareness and prevention.

Just a Kid

After his girlfriend dumps him, Joey meets a mysterious kid with a penchant for the simple things in life. The two embark on a journey to remind Joey of how to find joy in those things again. Written and directed by Phillip Walker.

Straight Up with Mike and Marquedon: Episodes 1 & 2

Straight Up is a podcast that provides hot takes, questions, and insights into the world of collegiate and professional athletics in a way that feels like a real conversation between real people. 

Martha’s Mysteries: Quiet on Set – Part 3

A love triangle on set is discovered, and Mia and Drew look in Scarlett’s trailer for clues.

Funny Pages: Murdercast

True crime podcast host, Polly the Pal, interviews the brother of a murder victim.

Martha’s Mysteries: Quiet on Set – Part 2

Mia and Drew find out that Wesley wasn’t the only one who wanted production for “Conjuring Love” to end. Also, a secret romance that was happening on set is uncovered.

Berry College Residence Life cautions students against feeding campus strays

Residence Life comments on students wishing to feed stray campus cats.

Martha’s Mysteries: Quiet on Set – Part 1

Mia and Drew are invited on a film set by Scarlett Nelson. When they arrive, they find that she’s been murdered.

Funny Pages: Matt has Dreams

In the first episode of this brand new comedy sketch series created by Matt Parks, Matt comes into his boss Phillip’s office to discuss the wacky dreams he’s been having lately.

Mike’s Movie Talk: Rango

Host Mike Myers is joined by guest Nolan Scoretz to discuss Rango. Tune in next time for another installment of Mike’s Movie Talk!

Mike’s Movie Talk: Ratatouille

Host Mike Myers is joined by guests Phillip Walker and Russell Hendley to discuss Ratatouille. Tune in next time for another installment of Mike’s Movie Talk!

Trying Our Best: Trinkets and Ibuprofen

Once again, the TOB girls are ringing in a new season with a new host and a What’s In My Bag haul.

Football misses out on post-season but re-builds team culture

The Berry College football program has missed out on the playoffs for the second consecutive year, but the team feels that progress has been made in re-establishing a winning team culture on the gridiron.

Screenwriting club offers outlet for creative writing interests

This semester, senior Alyssa Freyman began a scriptwriting club as a place for any student interested in scriptwriting to collaborate and discuss their latest works. This club is meant not only to be an outlet for filmmakers on campus but also for any student interested in creative writing. 

Destigmatizing Critical Race Theory: A Celebration of the First Amendment

Reese Chatman, Campus Carrier features editor For the past few years, critical race theory has been a very controversial issue. At a time when conservatives and liberals seem more divided than ever, the topic of […]

The magic of Santa Claus should be preserved for kids

Heath Hutcheson, Campus Carrier staff writer The legend of Santa Claus is an idea that spans back generations for the Christmas Holiday. The idea, spawned from the patron Saint Nicholas’ acts of goodwill from centuries […]

Berry needs more public transportation, not parking lots

Lily Verren, Campus Carrier staff writer Students that drive and students that cycle, skate or walk have a different experience living on campus. There are health benefits to the latter three, but Berry dignifies itself […]

Holidays are too commercialized

Thanksgiving just passed, and the winter holidays are right around the corner. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more are fast approaching, and with them, the pressure to do a bunch of things that require spending money. […]

Bonner Scholars host panel on food insecurity in Rome

The Bonner Scholars program hosted a panel on Nov. 17 surrounding the issue of food insecurity in children, especially in the Floyd County and Rome area. The panel was facilitated by Bonner Leadership Team Members Brylen Cantrell, junior, and Anthony Velez, junior.

MARTHA model aims to engage students with residence halls

The Office of Residence Life has introduced a new engagement model to encourage and improve residents’ involvement and connection with their residence hall communities. The Making Personal Connections, Academic Success, Responsibility, Transitions, Healthy Living, and Appreciation for Diversity (M.A.R.T.H.A) model is composed of six pillars that resident assistants (RAs) are encouraged to focus on in planning events and forming relationships with residents

Berry to begin active shooter awarness sessions in Spring

Starting in Spring 2023, Berry will be holding active shooter awareness sessions, where students will learn how to respond in the event of an active shooter.