The League of Morons Season 2 Episode 9: Mental Health and College

The Morons discuss the effect that college has on the mental health of college kids today as well as some bands that you should listen too.

Who’s To Say Anything About a Social Life?

Shelby, Noah, Matt, and Alyssa talk about the social scene at Berry. How to balance work and fun and how to be safe on campus.

Gen Ed: Halloween Party

Jen throws a Halloween party for everyone in her room. While trying to be the perfect hostess, she also tries her hand at matchmaking. What Jen can’t account for though, is an unexpected party guest who causes tension on this Halloween night.

Gunby Equine Center
undergoing renovations

Renovations to the Gunby Equine Center progress to increase horse and rider safety
in the facilities.

High School Choir Festival Feature

Annual high school choir festival
held at Berry

Learn more about the annual choir festival that featured over 400 high school students.

Creative Technologies students participate
in community partnership

Learn more about HackBerry Labs’ Studio Design course and the technologies students are developing
to benefit the community.

The Walk-On Diaries Podcast Show: Episode 10

John and Noah are joined by a variety of characters: Matt, Phillip, and Stephen all stop by for segments to discuss…1v1 Basketball Battles of History, Kawhi’s Laugh intramural team update, Matt’s time as a high school classmate of RJ Barrett, Phillip’s standup routine, recap of UGA-FLA and look-ahead to ALA-LSU, Matt and Phillip’s film review of Jojo Rabbit, and Noah’s execution of a push-up

Gomez and West make triumphant returns to music scene

I’m not usually one to skip the season of Thanksgiving and talk about Christmas right after Halloween, but I must say that Christmas came early this year seeing as two of the greatest artists in the music industry, Kanye West and Selena Gomez, released new music last month. 

Learn to balance stress with rest

Students are some of the busiest people in the world, especially here at Berry.

Be aware of the global impact of fashion

I am a firm believer that your dollar is your vote.

Programming issues change registration times

This week, Berry students began course registration for the spring.

Faculty documentary highlights environmental issues

On Wednesday night, an environmental documentary called “The Natural State of America” was shown at Berry as a cultural event.

Students assist military in Lyme disease research study

For the past two years, Berry has partnered with Fort Campbell military base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky to study different tick species in the area.