The League of Morons Season 2 Episode 2: Visitation Hours, The Berry Hotel, and Exorcisms on Campus

The Morons discuss Visitation Hours, the need of the Berry Hotel, and a forgotten Exorcism on the Winshape campus.

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Cohabitating With Campus Wildlife

Wildlife such as deer, cattle, squirrels and geese live alongside students on the Berry campus where they can live and wander in common places such as sidewalks, pastures, trees and lakes.

New center fosters personal and professional growth

This semester, Berry is implementing a cross-departmental transition, combining Student Work and the Career Center into the Center for Personal and Professional Development.

Women’s basketball welcomes new assistant coach

As the Berry women’s basketball team gears up for another season, McKamie Place, who has been playing basketball since she was 4 years old, will serve as the team’s new assistant coach.

Rome to run water pipe across Berry’s campus

The city of Rome is set to start construction of a water pipeline that will run beneath Berry’s campus within the next few weeks, with plans to finish by January 2020.

Berry student arrested for multiple counts of break-ins and vandalism

On Sunday, sophomore John Patrick Simpson, 19, was arrested by Berry Police on 20 different counts.

Rome Tennis Center wins national tennis facility award

This year, the United States Tennis Association (UTSA) named the Rome Tennis Center at Berry College the 2019 Outstanding Tennis Facility.

Our View: vaping’s unknown dangers should warrant quitting

In the early 20th century, cigarettes were casually and recreationally used as props in television and film, advertised with no restraints and disregarded as harmful to smokers.

Don’t take your washing machine for granted

Every Sunday evening my roommate and I have the same routine of gathering all our clothes for the week and making the trek to the laundry room.

Auditorium renovations to enhance musical performances

Berry College students and music ensembles will be seeing the benefits of the newly renovated Ford auditorium in the spring of 2020.

Spiritual mentorship initiative added to Chaplain’s Office programs

At Berry College, there is one educational tactic shared by faculty and staff alike, informing nearly all programs in and out of the classroom: mentorship.