Parker Luellen

Executive Director

Parker is senior Communication major from Nashville, TN. With a concentration in Digital Storytelling and a minor in Creative Writing, it is evident that she loves all things creative. Her passions include writing, editing video, photography, and being a leader to Viking Fusion. In her free time you can find her listening to Taylor Swift and Pheobe Bridgers, hanging out with friends, and drinking coffee on campus. Her favorite movies are La La Land, Little Women, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Nolan Scoretz

News Producer

Nolan is a senior Communication major from Woodstock, Ga. He hopes to either work as an investigative journalist or in the field of communication studies. Nolan is passionate about music, his faith, and cooking. Nolan’s favorite bands are Styx, Foreigner, Toto, and Genesis. He can also be found watching hockey games, giving his cats attention, drinking coffee, and many times, all the above.

Phillip Walker

Production Supervisor

Phillip is a senior Communication major with a concentration in Filmmaking from Carrollton, GA. He is the writer and director of two Viking Fusion short films Good Guy and Just a Kid. He has a taste for exquisite ventures such as watching Napoleon Dynamite (his favorite film), eating fast food, and listening to punk rock music. Phillip is the world’s youngest fan of the hit rock band The Eagles.

Anna Rich

Studio Assistant Coordinator

Anna is a senior Communications major from Griffin, GA. She hopes to go into production editing and see her name in the credits of a Marvel movie. A fun fact about Anna is she has six Winnie the Pooh shirts.

Annabelle Norton

Public Relations Coordinator

Annabelle is a junior Public Relations and English double major from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a Fleetwood Mac and Nick Drake enthusiast, as well as a big fan of Sally Rooney’s books and niche horror films. If you’re looking to get into brewing tea or coffee, she can tell you the best loose leaf blend. Annabelle is also passionate about being involved on campus by mentoring first-year students as a First Year Mentor with the Academic Transitions Office, as well as acting as the Communication Coordinator for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and a Committee Lead for Solidarity Week. A fun fact about her is that she was an extra in Stranger Things and will buy you a coffee if you can find her cameo!

Bryce Robinson

Sports Director

Bryce is a junior from Orlando, Florida majoring in Communication with a concentration in Digital Storytelling. In the future, she would love to work as a magazine journalist and editor. Some of her favorite things include going on adventures with her friends, listening to music, and hiking.

Veronica Killefer

Studio Assistant

Veronica is a junior Filmmaking major with a Business minor. She is unaware of what she wants to do after college, but she knows that she wants to work in the film industry. She thinks working for Marvel Studios one day would be pretty cool. She is often watching anime and obsessing over fictional characters.

Russell Hendley

Studio Assistant

Russell is a senior Filmmaking major from Jefferson, Georgia. Along with working at Viking Fusion, he is the Managing Editor of the Valkyrie Magazine and a tenor drum player for the Viking Drumline. He once wrote a 27-page paper for Communication Theories about memes and bears a resemblance to Linguini from Ratatouille, his favorite movie. He enjoys playing video games, running, and listening to rock music.

Stephen Schellhorn

Studio Assistant

Stephen is a senior Visual Communications/Film and the Cinematic Arts major. Though he lives in Acworth, GA, he still identifies as an Alabama boy due to spending seventeen years of his life in Birmingham. He prefers to take life simple and tackle problems one at a time. He loves swords, writing, his pets, his family, Jesus, and his video games. His favorite game is “Skyrim,” his favorite movies are The Prince of Egypt and Life of Pie, and his favorite band is Goo Goo Dolls.

Gavin Zielke

Lab Assistant

Gavin is a sophomore Communication major from Roswell, GA. He enjoys editing and making videos and hopes to one day have a job in that field. He is a member of Berry’s Ultimate Frisbee team and enjoys hanging out with friends and solving Rubik’s Cubes.

Joey Fletcher

Lab Assistant

Joey is a sophomore Economics major from Ringgold, GA. Joey is thrilled to be a part of the Viking Fusion team this year. In his free time, Joey is heavily involved in the Berry College Theatre Company, as well as the symphony orchestra. He is excited to help other students share their stories as a Lab Assistant this year.

Mathewson LeeWagner Parks

Assistant Production Supervisor

Matt is a Filmmaking major from Central Florida. Matt’s first short film was One Dime Away which premiered at RIFF. Since then, Matt has worked with Viking Fusion to write and direct Dearest Alfie, In Mustard’s Paw, and Harold and Pearl. Matt’s favorite directors are David Lynch, Gregg Araki, and Robert Eggars. Ask him about The Lighthouse, Eraserhead, or The Living End. Matt is also the proud owner of a very creepy clown painting.

Mike Myers

Show Producer

Mike Myers is a senior Communication major from Dallas, GA. He aspires to be a cinematographer like his pal, Roger Deakins. Some of his favorite movies are Back to the Future, the Star Wars and Mission Impossible franchises, and all things directed by Quentin Tarantino. He can often be found taking naps and petting dogs.

Kaeden Boyd

Show Producer

Kaeden is a sophomore English major and music minor. She hopes to eventually become an English Professor. Kaeden loves orchestral scores, fantasy stories, and folk music. Some of her favorite movies and shows are Howl’s Moving Castle and Shadow and Bone. She also enjoys musical theatre, mini road trips with friends, and annotating books. You can usually find her sitting in a corner, making hyper-specific Spotify playlists.

Emma Buoni

Show Producer

Emma is a junior production assistant majoring in Communication with a Film Concentration with a Creative Writing minor. She enjoys writing, watching video essays about movies she has never seen and doesn’t plan to, and cooking. She is from Alpharetta, Georgia, and is a Lego Batman superfan.

Grace Lawerence

Assistant Producer

Grace is a sophomore and Creative Writing major. She loves hanging out with my friends by going on little adventures around campus, or simply grabbing dhall together. In her free time, she’s always either reading or writing something. (Fun fact: Grace hopes to get published one day!). She is looking forward to this year and getting to see new faces. Don’t be afraid to say “Hi.”

Maya Zamora

Assistant Producer

Maya is a freshman Communication major from Greensboro, Georgia. At the moment she is unsure about a future career. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.

Isabel Browning

Event Coordinator

Isabel is a junior Political Science major with a double minor in Communication and Animal Science. Fun Fact: Isabel is always down to eat tacos.

Erin Schmidt

Event Assistant

Erin is a sophomore Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations, from Peachtree City, GA. She is also a member of the Berry College cross country and track and field teams. She enjoys coffee, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

Amani Pyron

Social Media Manager

Amani Pyron is a sophomore majoring in Psychology. Funny right, what is she doing in the COM department? She doesn’t know either. But she is excited to elevate the Fusion social media and bring more engagement to the Berry community.

Mia Irizarry

Graphic Designer

Mia is a junior double major in Creative Technologies and Studio Art. She works for the Berry College Technical Support Desk on top of her job at Viking Fusion. In her spare time, she loves to read, watch anime, and play video games like Animal Crossing or Minecraft. This is her second year working for Viking Fusion and she’s looking forward to the creative projects she’ll be working on!

Ashley Moreno

Assistant News Producer

Ashley is a sophomore from San Diego, California majoring in Communication with a concentration in Digital Storytelling. Her dream job is to work for National Geographic as a photojournalist and travel the world. Her dream destination is Italy. Some of her favorite things include hanging out with her friends, getting coffee, trying new coffee shops, watching tv, listening to Harry Styles, and taking pictures.

Kenadie Turner

News Reporter

Kenadie is a sophomore Communication major from Canton, GA. She has a concentration in Personal Relations with a minor in Musical Theater. She enjoys all things people, animals, and nature (when it’s not storming.) Normally, you can find her with her friends, in the theater, or sometimes on a bench in front of her dorm. She loves spending time with her cats and dog and one fun fact is that she will not ask for anything for herself but will always ask if it’s for someone else.

Louis Durand

News Reporter

Louis Durand is a sophomore Biology major with a minor in Communication. His dream job is to produce projects and shows such as talk shows, podcasts, and other creative video and audio mediums. He loves video games and seeks to perfect his performance in said games for no good reason. He also enjoys the company of his friends despite being a fairly private individual. He is very excited to learn more about camera and audio work, as well as explore his creative side.

Chaya Jones


Chaya is a freshman Creative Technology major with a Theater minor and is stoked to be apart of Viking Fusion! While she is still unsure about her plans for the future, she would love to work on film sets and productions. In her free time she loves to hang with her friends, explore around Rome, climb trees, stargaze, and drink a ‘normal’ amount of coffee.

Roger Lavern Monroe Thomas III


Roger is a Communication major with a concentration in filmmaking. He plans to become an actor in films and television, but he also enjoys creating his own video content. He intends to create a show for Viking Fusion within his time on campus. Approach with caution.

Steven Hames


Steven is a six-time Telly Award-winning producer, director, and editor, who spent 15 years at television stations in North Georgia. He is the 2016 recipient of the College Media Association’s Honor Roll Broadcast Advisor Award. Steven serves as Secretary for the College Broadcasters, Inc (CBI) Board of Directors. He is married and has two kids.