brunoBruno Rosa

Executive Director

Bruno Anthony Rosa is a mathematics and visual communication double major. He is from Naples, FL and really enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends, and filming. In his free time he is adventurous and loves to be outdoors. His life motto is “you should always be yourself unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman”.

Haley tempHaley Edmondson

News Producer

Haley Edmondson is a junior communication major with a concentration in public relations and a minor in dance. Though she now calls Virginia home, Haley was born and raised in Vermont and likes to say she has maple syrup in her veins (only the real stuff, of course). She can usually be found in Laughlin, the dance studio or the dining hall with her syrup and friends for brunch on weekends. Her hobbies include hiking, dancing, practicing piano and clarinet, and living life by her Outlook calendar.

BryceBryce Wiseman

Studio Assistant Coordinator

Bryce Wiseman is a Creative Technology major and a Theatre minor. He hails from Charlotte, NC and will graduate this May. He is a platypus composed of whipping, sleeping, depression, and humor. Bryce’s friends often compare him to Michael Cera, saying “Everybody loves Michael Cera…but nobody wants to be Michael Cera.”

Sara_ArmsSara Arms

Production Supervisor

Sara is a Senior Communication major with a minor in Hangry specializing in Binge Eating Chocolate. Her hobbies include Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain. “YEET” is 73% of her vocabulary (more like 80% let’s be real…). She’s in denial about her love of Hallmark Christmas Specials and most definitely will have a miniature Christmas tree in her room no matter what time of year it is. Fun fact: She was Spider-Man for Halloween 4 years in a row when she was in Middle School.

Hannah_CHannah Clark

Public Relations Coordinator

Hannah Clark is a Senior Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations. She is a born and raised Georgia peach that aspires to work in event planning, or be a publicist for a celebrity when she grows up. A few of her favorite things include the Lord, family, anything Disney, Orlando Bloom, hippopotamuses, sunflowers, musical theatre, and dancing until there is no tomorrow.

NoahNoah Syverson

Assistant News Producer

Noah is a sophomore from Rome, GA. It’s widely accepted that he bears a striking resemblance in both looks and vocal ability to famed 90s hip hop sensation Vanilla Ice. Bob Ross is his spirit animal. He will now shamelessly plug his website.

ChristianChristian Simons


Christian Simons is a freshman videographer for Viking Fusion News from Snellville, GA, and he’s very excited to be working with Fusion this year. He loves Photoshop, and he has a website where he posts my digital artwork. In the coming years, he hopes to be able to do more work in graphic design and production and also learn AfterEffects. After college, he hopes to attend SCAD’s graduate program for Visual Effects, and his dream job would be working as a Compositor for Industrial Light and Magic.

 Colin Clayton


Colin is a transfer sophomore from Thomas More College, and is a communications major with a focus in sports broadcasting. Colin is on the football team here at Berry, and he looks forward to a new experience at Berry and furthering his vision here at Viking Fusion.

IdrisIdris Mensa-Bonsu


Idris is a sophomore Interdiscplinary Studies Major (integrating Exercise Science and Sports Administration). He was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and enjoys photography, videography, editing, writing, graphic design, and anything sports related. He is currently on the Berry College Football and Track teams.

RachelRachel Siler


Rachel is a freshman visual communications major. Once she graduates, she plans on directing book-to-movie adaptations that actually follow the plot of the novel (revolutionary, she knows). She is an avid reader of YA novels so you’ll normally find her behind the pages of her most recent read.

StephenStephen Schellhorn


Stephen Schellhorn is a freshman majoring in visual communications. Having recently moved to Georgia from his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, he fell in love with Berry and added it to the list of things he is passionate about: Jesus, any and all things swords, and Goo Goo Dolls (the band). He is an aspiring filmmaker/storyteller, and his favorite films are Life of Pi, The Prince of Egypt, and Gladiator. His motto is “I will get there… and make it through to the other side.” (Based on the song by Boys 2 Men)

 Zoe Robinson


Zoe is a freshman visual Communications major that has no idea what’s going on half the time. She hopes to become a music video director when she leaves berry, combining her two passions: producing videos and music. She has one dog (El), three cats (Missy, Olive, and Tiger Lily), and a turtle (Sam). And that’s all you need to know!

AnnaAnna Falkenberry

Studio Assistant (Production)

Anna is a Visual communications and German double major from Georgia. This past summer she studied photography and Nation-Branding in Scotland, followed by an internship at the University of Stirling. She plans to work in productions or copywriting in the future, but for now spends her time scribbling short film ideas, dreaming of Scotland, editing any and all types of media, and eating way too much cereal.

AshleyAshley Garcia

Graphic Designer

Ashley Garcia is a senior Visual Communications major from Anniston, Alabama. She enjoys trying new types of art, theater, music, writing, and reading. Her hope is to go on to be a graphic designer, working mostly with posters and social media graphics. During her free time she often works on one of her ever expanding 13 novels. Maybe one day she’ll actually finish one.

BenBen Allee

Studio Assistant (Website)

Ben Allee is a sophomore business management major from Dacula, GA. He has a passion for all things artistic, and a mind for learning whatever he can. Come talk to Ben if you ever want to discuss Art History, Paul Thomas Anderson, synthesizers, or what it means to ‘discuss’. He’s happy to be working for Viking Fusion in the coming year, and is looking forward to learning more about web development in this new position.

LexikayLexikay Stokes

Studio Assistant (Production)

Lexikay is currently a junior at Berry and is studying Visual Communications. Her two favorite movies are St. Elmo’s Fire and Clueless, and she’s very aware of the difference in style, genre, and overall plot of the two of them. They’re both just good in their own way. She loves coffee, thrift shopping and her dog, Raleigh- who unfortunately still lives in Macon, Ga, with the rest of her family.

NathanNathan Sims

Studio Assistant (Production)

Nathan is a sophomore Visual Communications major. He is an aspiring actor, director, and producer. He loves mac & cheese, Star Wars, and meeting new people. “I use humor to deflect my insecurities. Plus, I’m hilarious, so don’t hate.” – Deadpool

Beth AnneBeth Anne DeKeizer


Beth Anne is a senior Visual Communications and History double major from Glen Ridge, New Jersey. This is her second year working at with the productions department at Viking Fusion. She can’t believe that her time at Berry coming to a close and after graduation you can find her living amongst the deer along Viking Trail.

JackJack Padgett


Jack is a senior creative writing major with a double minor in theatre and low job security from Owensboro, Kentucky, and he’s supa jazzed to be working at Viking Fusion this year. When outside of the studio, Jack’s many engaging pastimes include laughing at his own terrible jokes, ordering whole pizzas for himself, and perfecting his Captain Falcon up air strings.

WyattWyatt Duemler


Wyatt Duemler is a Junior Creative Technologies major and Computer Science minor, and because of this is still unsure why he works here. And when he’s not constantly being fired for making horrible jokes, he is probably on his computer or listening to Def Leppard, or both. Some of his accolades include earning a position as a full time nerd, a professional white man, and being everybody’s third favorite beatboxer. For all business inquiries contact him at

HannahHannah Black

Assistant Producer

Hannah is a senior Visual Communication major and a Psychology minor. She plans to go into creative advertising or become a high school guidance counselor. She spends her time watching cat videos, eating mac n’ cheese, and dancing. Hannah also has a passionate love of Christmas and celebrates it year round.

ElisabethElisabeth Martin

Social Media Manager

Elisabeth Martin is a junior with a major in public relations and minors in political science and Spanish. She’s from Oak Ridge, TN and she loves hashbrowns, house plants, and striped tee shirts. Some day, she hopes to live in a tiny apartment in D.C., and she dreams of finally remembering to bring her reusable grocery bags when she goes to the store.

SaschaSascha Stryker

Event Assistant

Sascha Stryker is a sophomore Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations. She was born and raised in Kentucky and enjoys playing the ukulele, spending time with her German Shepherd, and doing an occasional pilates YouTube video. She loves Taylor Swift and, if we’re being real, working for Tay Tay would have to be her dream job.

 Suleima Millan-Salinas

Event Assistant

Suleima Millan-Salinas is a Sociology Major and French Minor. She was born in ATL, GA. #GradyBaby all day everyday! She is declared a workaholic, in her free time, who are we kidding she has no free time, but you can always catch her running from one place to the other!

KatieKatie Ott

Graphic Designer

Katie Ott is a junior from Marietta, GA. She is majoring in Visual Comminications and is super excited for her first year at Fusion. Katie’s favorite things include shopping at goodwill, Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee, and ugly cat shirts.

StevenSteven Hames


Steven is a six-time Telly Award winning producer, director and editor, who spent 15 years at television stations in North Georgia. He is the 2016 recipient of the College Media Association’s Honor Roll Broadcast Advisor Award. He is married and has two kids.