DSC_0172Noah Syverson

Executive Director

Noah is a junior from Rome, GA. It’s widely accepted that he bears a striking resemblance in both looks and vocal ability to famed 90s hip hop sensation Vanilla Ice. Bob Ross is his spirit animal.

DSC_0116 copyLexikay Stokes

Studio Assistant Coordinator

Lexikay is currently a senior at Berry and is studying Visual Communication. Her two favorite movies are St. Elmo’s Fire and Clueless, and she’s very aware of the difference in style, genre, and overall plot of the two of them. They’re both just good in their own way. She loves coffee, thrift shopping and her dog, Raleigh- who unfortunately still lives in Macon, Ga, with the rest of her family.

DSC_0066Zoe Robinson

Productions Supervisor

Zoe is a sophomore Visual Communication major that has no idea what’s going on half the time. She hopes to become a music video director when she leaves berry, combining her two passions: producing videos and music. She has one dog (El), three cats (Missy, Olive, and Tiger Lily), and a turtle (Sam). And that’s all you need to know!

DSC_0047Katie Ott

Public Relations Coordinator

Katie Ott is a senior Visual Communication major with a business minor. She’s on the improv team and loves acting ridiculous to make people laugh. When she’s not busy with school or work, she’s probably spending all of her money at Goodwill. Other interests include ugly cat shirts, true crime shows, and iced coffee.

DSC_0032Ben Allee

News Producer

Ben is a junior communication major from Dacula, GA, studying journalism, art history, and an unpredictable rotation of other subjects dictated entirely by whatever YouTube decides to recommend him. He is interested in the way that ideas are communicated and influenced across history, and likes to discuss his findings at speech and debate competitions as part of the Berry College Forensics Union. If you have twenty minutes and are interested in a good story, ask Ben about Skull Inlet.

DSC_0038Joshua Mabry

Sports Director

Joshua Mabry is a senior communication major with a concentration in sports communication from Rome, GA. In addition to his duties with Fusion, Josh is also the sports editor for the Berry Campus Carrier student newspaper. You will often hear Josh bragging about how amazing his summer internship with the Rome Braves was. His dream job is to work in the Braves organization. If Josh is not in the Fusion studio or Carrier office, you can find him at a Rome or Atlanta Braves game, hanging out with family or friends, or eating at the Chick-fil-A in Krannert.

DSC_0025Jack Heerema

Graphic Designer

Jack Heerema was born in Naples, Florida. He is a junior COM major with a filmmaking concentration. Jack loves music, specifically 60’s and 70’s rock and folk music. He plays many instruments, including the guitar, banjo and harmonica, and he is in a band with his roommate. His favorite activities are rollerblading around campus, playing racquetball in the Cage, and playing Mario Kart.  When Jack graduates, he would love to go into graphic design.

DSC_0056Shelby Sims

Show Producer/Studio Assistant

Shelby Sims is a junior film major from LaGrange, Georgia. Her ideal fantasy is retiring to a cabin on top of a mountain with three cats to look out over a stream from the back patio with a warm mug of hot coffee in her hands. Until she reaches that point, she hopes to work backstage in some kind of capacity with a film company or news channel. Her favorite movies are paddington, Inception, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Lover of antique trash and wisher of far fetched dreams.

DSC_0165Rachel Siler

Show Producer/Studio Assistant

Rachel is a sophomore visual communication major. Once she graduates, she plans on directing book-to-movie adaptations that actually follow the plot of the novel (revolutionary, she knows). She is an avid reader of YA novels so you’ll normally find her behind the pages of her most recent read.

DSC_0041Stephen Schellhorn

Assistant Online Editor/Studio Assistant

Stephen Schellhorn is a sophomore majoring in visual communication. Having recently moved to Georgia from his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, he fell in love with Berry and added it to the list of things he is passionate about: Jesus, any and all things swords, and Goo Goo Dolls (the band). He is an aspiring filmmaker/writer/storyteller, and his favorite films are Life of Pi, The Prince of Egypt, and Gladiator. His motto is “I will get there… and make it through to the other side.” (Based on the song by Boys 2 Men).

DSC_0167Lauren Swink

Assistant Sports Director/Studio Assistant

Lauren is a senior Business Management Major with chemistry and music minors who still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, but hopes it is somehow associated with storytelling. She loves to read, write, and daydream preferably out in the sunshine with her sidekick (guide dog in training), Herbie.

DSC_0156Vanessa Fowler

Assistant Show Producer

Vanessa is a sophomore psychology and communication double major though she doesn’t quite know what she plans to do with her life but she’s currently hoping to be a counselor. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, but now lives in Cumming, Georgia. Her passions include writing (any and all free time is dedicated to writing), music (constantly on the lookout for new songs and making music playlist), quotes (has entire albums just dedicated to them), and Kylo Ren from Star Wars (she is in love with him. She has multiple posters and blankets. There’s a Kylo plushie hanging from her rear-view mirror. Her roommate thinks it’s adorable.). Here’s a fun fact to end this bio, Vanessa can play the Kalimba.

DSC_0036Seth Chambliss

Production Assistant

Seth Chambliss is a Junior majoring in English & Communication. He finds joy in making people laugh with Easy-Baked Improv, reading classic works of literature, and talking about music to anyone willing to listen. He is currently attempting to find the balance between feeding his heavy caffeine addiction and sleeping for several hours at a time on his broken Ikea couch.

DSC_0185Hannah-Grace Mann

Events Coordinator

Hannah-Grace is a junior from Jonesboro, GA, studying PR and Spanish here at Berry. Her favorite color is yellow, her favorite food is guacamole, and her favorite type of music is jazz. She is obsessed with honeybees, because they keep the earth turning ’round. She is excited to plan some pretty darn awesome events for the people of Berry College.

DSC_0122Erika Beccera Gutierrez

Event Assistant

Erika is a sophomore Communication major who has never received an Easter basket in her life. Her favorite color is purple, her favorite candy is Starburst, and her favorite television persona is Peppa Pig. When she graduates, she hopes to finally achieve her dream of receiving an Easter basket.

DSC_0040Noah Beck

Studio Assistant

Noah Beck is a Junior political science communication public relations double major from Cedartown, Georgia. Noah is known for having a lot of jobs and he has been caught multiple times saying working at Fusion with his favorite people is the best job he has had yet! After he leaves Berry, Noah hopes to attend law school. His favorite things include his German Shorthaired Pointer puppy Jedi, Starwars, tennis, and hanging out with his friends. Shelby is right, inception is a wonderful movie. One day, Noah hopes to take his law degree back to his home town and practice civil litigation.

DSC_0148 copyMegan Duncan

News Reporter

Megan Duncan is a Junior communication major with a concentration in public relations from Chatsworth, GA. She is also a Bonner Scholar here at Berry. Megan enjoys listening to the stories of others and passing them along for all to enjoy. Her favorite color is either yellow or blue depending on the day. She loves spending time with her dogs Saben and Sunshine. Her most favorite animals in the world are goats ands if she could, she would live on an island with nothing but goats.

DSC_0139Elisa Jimenez

Sports Broadcast Assistant

Elisa is a junior Art Education major with a Spanish minor. She enjoys broadcasting sports like football and basketball. When she isn’t busy with school or work, she loves to draw or paint her own characters as a pastime. Other hobbies include singing Disney songs loud with her friends and feeding her (very) cute goldfish.

DSC_0031 copyAlyssa Freyman

Production Assistant

Alyssa Freyman is a freshman studying Communication with a concentration in Filmmaking at Berry. She loves to take part in adventurous recreation such as zip-lining, doing BOLD at Berry, kayaking, yoga, or traveling. She hopes to someday produce or help write for films or television shows. She also enjoys drinking herbal tea and watching Disney movies.

Anna Rich

News Reporter

Anna Rich is a freshman from Griffin, GA, and a Communication Major with a double minor in Journalism and Spanish. She hopes to one day work at a huge publication like Vanity Fair. Anna is a pianist and a serious Disney fan. Her favorite Disney movies are Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Anastasia (yes it counts now that Disney owns Fox). She’s also a huge musical theatre dork and will force you to watch Falsettos with her at least once.

Grace Snell

News Reporter

Grace Snell is a freshman with a major in Communication and a minor in studio art. She is an army brat (which makes answering basic questions like, “Where are you from?” a daily challenge). Grace has lived everywhere from Kansas to Germany and has a passion for meeting new people and sharing their stories through art, writing, photography, and other mediums. Other favorite pastimes include: pondering the meaning of life, eating good snacks (especially chocolate), and dressing up as random movie characters.

DSC_0036Jake Kaywell


Jake is a teenaged freshman hailing from that sunny, geriatric-filled swing-state of West Palm Beach, FL. He selected Berry College for its incredible beauty and inspiring esprit d’corps. It is also worth mentioning that he is currently studying Communication with a concentration in Public Relations but that may change. Who knows what might happen in these next four years? Anyway, he is also very much a geek about all sorts of cars ranging from AMC to Zundapp, so there’s that too.

DSC_0100Matt Parks

Lab Assistant

Matt Parks is a freshman from Clermont, Florida majoring in Communication with a concentration in Filmmaking. Matt spends the majority of his free time watching movies, and has made a few short films of his own. Matt is eager to bring his love of film and filmmaking to fusion. His favorite films are The Graduate, Dazed and Confused, Easy Rider, and Eraserhead.

DSC_0051Mike Myers

Lab Assistant

Mike Myers is a freshman from Dallas, GA. He’s currently studying Communication and wants to do something in film, but who knows, that could totally change as he tries to navigate this crazy thing called college over the next four years. Some of his favorite movies are Back to the Future, the Star Wars and Mission Impossible franchises, and all things directed by Quentin Tarantino.


DSC_0044Phillip Walker

Production Assistant

Phillip Walker is a freshman communication major with a concentration in filmmaking from Carrollton, Georgia. If he isn’t inside watching a movie or playing a video game, he’s probably out in the woods somewhere. He enjoys science fiction and classic rock, so he’s a pretty cool guy.

DSC_0136Parker Luellen

Production Assistant

Parker Luellen is a freshman from Nashville, Tennessee majoring in communication with a concentration in film. Although not being an expert in the subject she hopes to grow her knowledge at Fusion. She loves anything having to do with creative writing and has written and published two books of her own. Some of her favorite things include coffee, hiking, writing, and spending time with friends. Her favorite TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her favorite movie is La La Land.

DSC_0027Steven Hames


Steven is a six-time Telly Award winning producer, director and editor, who spent 15 years at television stations in North Georgia. He is the 2016 recipient of the College Media Association’s Honor Roll Broadcast Advisor Award. He is married and has two kids.