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Live action “Mulan” reinvigorates childhood cartoon

For the past few years, Disney has been releasing live-action remakes of their classic films, including “Cinderella,” “The Lion King,” “The Jungle Book,” “Aladdin” and more.

Visiting art professor displays “bodyscapes” in Moon

This past Monday, Alex Kraft, director of the ceramics program at the University of North Georgia, visited campus to give a lecture about her work and inspirations, entitled “Function and Flora in Flux.”

Regularly cleaning masks can aid in facial hygiene

Like any new addition to one’s life, face masks can take some time to get adjusted to.

U.S. officials consider ban of popular creator app, TikTok

TikTok, an app that has quickly captivated Gen Z, has been on the receiving end of scrutiny from the White House administration.

Isolation from COVID-19 affects mental health

The last six months have been very tumultuous, dealing with a global pandemic has caused the majority of Americans immense stress.

Pandemic causes boom in streaming services

Roughly a decade ago, some observers predicted that cable television was past its prime and that new internet streaming services like Netflix were set to take its place.

COVID in Photos: students and staff use functional and expressive masks around campus

Although masks are required as a safety measure at Berry College, students and faculty alike have found ways to make masks both expressive and practical.

New apps assist students and faculty in virtual learning

With the shift to online schooling due to the global pandemic, colleges all over the country have had to ask the question, “How will we bring the classroom to our students?”

Mask opinions through a psychological lens

Face masks represent one of the most visible and impactful changes to students’ everyday lives brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entertainment kings and queens of quarantine

When 2020 started, I had no idea that my world would be turned upside down by a global pandemic and that I would have to stay home for five months.