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Berry gets involved with Rome Little Theater

Rome Little Theater (RLT) recently announced casting for their upcoming show, ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

Music ensembles create creative outlet for students

The music department at Berry provides a way for students to express themselves through a creative outlet.

Rehearsals for ‘Holiday Wonders’ begin

Berry College Dance Company (BCDC) recently began rehearsals for their winter show, ‘Holiday Wonders.’ The show features choreography by Sara Pecina, the director of the dance department at Berry, and seven BCDC students. 

Concert Los Valientes unveiled themes of social justice

Rosemary Chesney, arts and living editor On Thursday Sept. 15, Core Ensemble presented Los Valientes by Jose Cruz Gonzalez, a chamber music theatre production featuring a solo actor, David Perez-Ribada. Perez-Ribada played three Hispanic historical figures. Despite […]

Cleaning up social media: a two-way street

Anna Rinaggio, Campus Carrier asst. arts and living editor Social media plays a big role in today’s society. From Instagram to LinkedIn, there are tons of platforms available for anyone to use. In recent years, […]

Hackberry lab offers opportunities for Berry community

The Creative Technology (CRT) department opened a new Hackberry lab building last March. This lab is not only open to creative technology students but also to any student for academic or personal use.

Rehearsals for Bright Star the musical begin

Berry College Theater Company (BCTC) will be staging a production of “Bright Star” this October. The show, a musical set in the mountains of North Carolina, has already been cause for much excitement in the theater department. 

Student-run businesses expand across campus

While Berry offers extensive student work opportunities, some students choose to run their own personal businesses as well.

New faculty books: a look into the creation

Anna Rinaggio, Campus Carrier arts and living assistant editor The Memorial Library has added Professor of Communication Brian Carroll’s new book to its collection of faculty books. Carroll began the writing process for the book, […]

Berry introduces three new clubs onto campus

Berry welcomed three new clubs onto campus this semester: Berry Brotherhood, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and Yarn from the Heart.