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Reflective thinking can help avoid mansplaining

A while ago, I was having a conversation with someone about the 2020 democratic presidential primary.

Watch these crime shows next time you binge Netflix

Netflix and other streaming services provide a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and mini-series that appeal to a wide range of viewers.

Our View: Stay informed about impeachment

President Trump is currently undergoing an impeachment inquiry, announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Sept. 24th after a whistleblower came forward.

Particpating in choirs brings community and an outlet for stress

Kelsey Brady, Campus Carrier asst. features editor In high school, my choir director once said “Squeeze the moments.” Essentially, this is just another way of saying stop and smell the roses, but something about saying […]

Berry’s discriminatory visitation policy needs change

In March, Berry’s visitation policy began receiving criticism from students.

Our View: value traditions but also change

Mountain Day is arguably one of the most difficult Berry traditions to explain to people unfamiliar with the Berry bubble. To outsiders, hundreds of students holding hands, walking up and down a hill, bringing pennies […]

Western astrology can be more than an interest

Western astrology uses 12 star constellations to correspond to months on the yearly calendar to represent the astrological signs.

Our View: reconsider your travel destinations

Historic and natural sites are suffering from their popularity as tourist attractions, drawing large crowds and becoming desired destinations based on their popularity as social media hot spots.

We shouldn’t have a reason for everything we do

As someone who is so curious about anything and everything, my favorite question to ask is why.