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Our View: Sitcoms give an unrealistic portrayal of adulthood

As the class of 2019 prepares to turn their tassels, the “real” world lies before them.

Bubble Banter: Unpaid Internships

It depends on whether or not the “employer” has the funds to support a paid intern or not. Natalie Bailey, junior I think unpaid internships are helpful, but I don’t think they should be expected […]

Personality typing is insightful and interesting

Being a 3w2 on the Enneagram, ENTP on the Myers- Briggs, Scorpio with an Ascendant in Capricorn comes with its complexities, especially when Venus is in retrograde.

Printed books can never be replaced by screens

I am a bibliophile in every sense of the word.

Bubble Banter: Sex Education

Sex education is extremely important. Schools and organizations should teach not only safe sex practices and the importance of consent, but also the importance of being mentally and emotionally ready to share such an intimate […]

Our View: Sex education needs to be more comprehensive

In a society constantly confronted with the harsh realities of sexual assault, we need to be more proactive on the matter.

User safety is a communal effort

Hearing of the passing of the young University of South Carolina student, my fears and disappointment of our society were only solidified.

There’s no ‘typical’ parent-child relationship

I grew up with a strong, independent, northern mom and a dad who came from Switzerland and struggles with the English language to this day.

Our View: Pass/fail grading encourages well-rounded education

We’ve all had a class that has seemed so obviously not important to your major, but somehow has affected your GPA the most.

The gym shouldn’t be a scary place

Elisabeth Martin, Campus Carrier Features Editor Listen, ladies. I know you love the treadmills and the ellipticals. I know you feel restrained to the front part of the gym, away from all of the big […]