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Your major does not confine you to a career field 

“What are you going to do with that major?” I’m sure you’ve all heard that question before, from parents or friends or friends’ parents.

Don’t burn yourself out trying to do everything 

Well, this is it. My very last piece for the Campus Carrier before I graduate next week. When I decided that I would write the last op-ed of the semester as my swan song to Berry College, I wasn’t really sure what exactly I wanted to say or what point I wanted to get across.

Our View: Always take sexual assault on campus seriously 

Recently at Berry, students have been trying to raise awareness about the amount of sexual assaults on campus.

Do not get engaged before you can rent a car 

“Ring by Spring” refers to senior college students getting engaged before or during spring semester.

Pets deserve appreciation for all they do for us 

The bond between a person and a pet can greatly benefit mental health and support our emotional well-being. 

Our View: Travis Scott needs to be held accountable 

A couple of weeks ago, on Nov. 5, several excited concertgoers attended the first night of the music festival Astroworld in Houston, Texas.

Our View: Intervention is needed in the fashion industry 

Today, the process of buying clothes has never been simpler. With just a few clicks of a button, a person can have a brand new shirt or pants on their doorstep in less than 72 hours.

Empathy sets us apart from all other species 

It’s no secret that human beings are complex creatures. From the way we move, live, learn, interact and think, there are no limits to how individual we are. However, one thing in particular sets humans far apart from other organisms: emotions. 

Acknowledge the depth and diversity of religion 

In September of this year, the Carrier published an article investigating the religious demographics across Berry’s campus. Considering the history of the college, it’s not surprising that a majority of its students are religious: after all, not every college has its own chaplain, or was founded by a Christian leader like Martha Berry.

Do not let fear destroy your college experience 

After 12 and a half years of school, I think I’ve identified humanity’s greatest enemy.