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Asking good questions is vital to debates

Mary Harrison, Campus Carrier sports editor I have never avoided talking about politics and religion. Try as I might to make small talk about Harry Styles’ newest outfit or the latest celebrity news, my friendships […]

Balanced levels of homework are necessary

Homework — a word every college student knows and dreads. Papers, videos, discussion cards, readings and every other variation of homework are what keep students up all hours of the night. All-nighters, early risings and late […]

Listening to audiobooks is a valid way to read

The merits of audiobooks versus physical books is a debate that has plagued the bookish community since the invention of audiobooks in 1932. The debate has grown as the popularity of audiobooks has increased, with […]

Technology is killing the art of conversation

Summer Le, Campus Carrier digital media editor As I continue living in a fast-paced society where primary communication occurs online, I feel like I have traded quality conversations for quantity nowadays. Do not get me […]

Hustle culture does not allow students to build a sustainable life, enough rest does

Katherine Harper, Campus Carrier copy editor As a slightly overcommitted Berry student, I often get quite excited whenever I have an open spot in my schedule. Frequently, I try to reserve these to actively do […]

You are never too old to ask for assisstance

There is a stigma around asking for help, and this stigma has infiltrated college environments everywhere. After all, college is the first time the vast majority of students are away from home for the first […]

Our View: Informal slang is necessary for foreign language

Foreign language requirements are seen in schools everywhere. Many high schools require students to complete at least two years of a foreign language, and college admission teams look for this when deciding who to send […]

Greater control over school lives leads to increased enjoyment of education

Peter Merrill, Campus Carrier news editor When asked what qualities and skills are needed to succeed in college, students often cast their minds back to high school and answer according to their past experiences. In […]

Our View: Colleges should make media literacy a required course

Each new class of Berry students are being raised in an increasingly technological world. The main source of information for anything and everything is the media and its various components. Students find print media scanned […]

Awareness of ADHD symptoms in girls should be improved and more treatment provided

Katelynn Singleton, Campus Carrier editor-in-chief I grew up incredibly forgetful. My parents would constantly have to drop my lunchbox off at school because I forgot it, or I would spend my lunch in the library […]