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Opinion: Fighting on the New Front Lines

Berry student Jana Morning sat down with her brother, Jaison, to hear about his experience during his first year as a nurse. Jana also shares her own perspective on how seeing him work each day has allowed her to view all health professionals in a new light.

Bob Dylan’s range encompasses numerous mediums

Asa Daniels, Campus Carrier online editor It goes without saying that whether or not someone likes art is subjective. However, in some form or another, the works of songwriter Bob Dylan have the possibility of being […]

Inside social anxiety and introversion: how to love us

Alana George, Campus Carrier copy editor Have you ever felt like your brain is overreacting to the smallest things? Like whatever you say and do is being scrutinized by those around you and you can’t shut […]

Our View: A well-rounded education is worth it, no matter the extra requirements

Recently a tweet suggesting cutting the cost of college by cutting gen-ed classes made its rounds on social media.

Our View: Changes to LifeWorks mean changes to Berry’s core values

A few weeks ago, our Carrier adviser came to us, the editor-in-chief and managing editor, and asked for our help with budget cuts.

There’s no such thing as the “perfect” woman

Rachel Hartdegen, Campus Carrier staff writer Over the years, society has defined the perfect woman. Whether through our celebrity role models or our favorite movies and TV shows, it has been made abundantly clear what a […]

Frozen shows a realistic relationship between sisters

“Frozen” is one of the best decisions that Disney has ever made.

Our View: Xenophobia isn’t a side-effect of the coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China late last year, the global death toll has now risen to 1,770 and the global tally of diagnoses is 71,204.