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I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired 

I enjoy working and I like the jobs that I have, but as I have gained more leadership and developed a passion for the fields that I am pursuing, it has become glaringly obvious that my expectations are set much too high, in others’ opinions. 

Laughlin: the best community on campus 

This is my last issue working as Editor-in-Chief for the Campus Carrier. Even after two years as Editor-in-Chief and three years on staff, I’ll go ahead and clarify that yes, journalism is my passion. 

Our View: Listen and learn from other peoples’ stories 

Humans, by nature, are storytellers. Cave drawings depict animals, humans and other objects and were likely associated with oral stories. Homer’s “The Iliad” and Native American folk tales were originally told orally, before being written down at a later date. Musicians use their music to story tell, and filmmakers and photographers use their cameras. They help us bond and empathize with one another.

Our View: Berry should offer American Sign Language 

I’ve taken American Sign Language, or ASL, classes for four years. When I was deciding where to go to college at about this time last year, ASL was a factor I took into consideration. I was thinking of completing a double major between English and ASL, or at least minoring in ASL.

Mystery destroys the suspense of horror 

Horror is in almost every case completely destroyed by overarching mystery. Imagine that you are a knight riding off into the countryside to dispatch a dragon that has been terrorizing the village.

Our View: Georgia should require a license to carry 

On April 1, the Georgia state Senate passed a constitutional carry bill allowing law-abiding adults who are legally allowed to carry a concealed firearm, to do so without first having to obtain government permission. 

Songs have the power to unite us in our struggles 

We all have those cultural figures we obsess over, perhaps a little too much, because we feel that they relate to us in a deep, meaningful way. If you know me well, then you know that Bob Dylan has fulfilled that role for me for much of the last seven years. However, I’m going to discuss a more recent singer-songwriter I’ve been enjoying. 

Earn more money through passive income 

Growing up, we tend to think a lot about what we want to be when we reach adulthood. Whether you wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor, a teacher, an athlete or a fashion designer, our minds have always focused on the idea of working for money. While having an occupation you love and care about is a great thing, it is a good idea to consider having multiple streams of income. 

Toxic perfectionism diminishes self-esteem 

Rosemary Chesney, Campus Carrier asst. sports editor When I was in the first grade, I remember my school started the tradition of handing out medals to students who earned good grades. The rules were simple: […]

Coming into college undeclared is not a bad thing 

Katherine Harber, Campus Carrier copy editor I get several different reactions when I tell people that my major is undeclared. Most of my fellow college students tend to be understanding, and they’re often curious about […]